March 9th, 2005

Sweet, sweet William

For those of you in Australia, next time you're in Coles or Woolies make sure you check out Sweet William's soy chocolates. My gourd they are good! And I'm sure they would be fantastic to melt and add to cookie recipes!
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Fried Ice Cream; Sweet Corn Cake

I was wondering if anyone had a mock recipe of the fried ice cream they serve at Tex-Mex restaurants, like Don Pablo's and Chi Chi's. Collapse )

Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and how to do a vegan version of it?

Also, while I have Tex-Mex foods on the brain, I was also wondering if anyone knew of a good vegan recipe for the sweet corn cake stuff they serve at Don Pablo's. Collapse )

I've searced the memories and couldn't seem to find anything resembling these two foods.
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Perogy Toppings

What do you guys put on perogies?

Before I was vegan, I used to slather mine in sour cream and sauteed onions & bacon. Now that I'm vegan, I tend to just heap on the sauteed onions and a dash of paprika.

or if I'm feeling lazy, I eat them plain with salt and pepper, haha.

Someone told me that sauerkraut is good on perogies, but I'm kinda nervous to try it. I've never had sauerkraut before.

So what do you guys use? Anyone have a recipe for a tofu sour cream that might be good on them? I really miss sour cream, and I don't have the tofutti fake stuff available to me.

Also any advice on using faux bacon? Usually the faux bacon I have available to me is those bacon bits (as opposed to the stuff that comes in strips). I was wondering if those would work somehow. Would they need to be rehydrated or could I just sprinkle some in the pan with the sauteeing onions?

Any suggestions and comments appeciated.

edited to fix my atrocious spelling as it was making my friends cringe.

(no subject)

Hello all.
I've been a vegetarian since I was five and I've gradually become more and more vegan over the years. At this point, I'm pretty much there, but I'm having an issue with the realtionship between my weight and the twenty or so minutes I have to eat at work every day. I usually wind up eating junk (even though its vegan junk) like chips and stuff, because I'm horrible at preparing stuff in the morning. Does anyone have any low calorie vegan recommendations for lunches? I'm a teacher, so I can't leave campus for lunch.

tibetan spring rolls

When I was living in NYC, I ate at a Tibetan resturant in the village a lot.
They make a 'spring roll' that has sort of a doughy wrapper that is yellowish and tastes a little like curry powder. The filling is just veggies steamed and stuff, standard 'eggroll' or 'springroll' fill, but the outer dough isn't fried.

Does anyone know what the heck I'm talking about, and better yet, know how to make these taste treats?

I've been craving them for a few months now!
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I came across this Web site in an earlier thread in the hip_domestics community today, and I thought it would be good for us, too.

After you register with the site (for free), you select from a list the things you don't eat. Then you can search for recipes and it will only bring up those that meet your criteria. Good for vegans with food allergies or picky tastes especially, I reckon.

(Forgive me if this has been posted before!)

pumkin pie-like dissert food

i had an end of butternut squash and i was tring to figure out what to do w/ it. i thought of putting this pumkin pie spice mixture w/ it and some soymilk to make something like pumkin pie filling and cooked to be eaten w/ a spoon.
(also far healther, because i didn't add any sugar besides that in my sweetened soymilk, although i'm sure could be made w/ sugar added)
the spice was:
4/8 cinnamin
2/8 ginger
1/8 cloves (ground)
1/8 allspice

warning: i used one teaspoon of the spice total w/ a whole cup of squash, and it was waaaaaaaay to spicey, my guess would be one teaspoon spice to 3 cups squash.

(i had took some pics, but the internet's being annoing and not letting me post them =(
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(no subject)

My great-grandmother's recipe for chicken and noodles is always the most popular dish at my family gatherings. My mother taught me how to make it, and I've been working with a vegetarian version of it for a while.

It's simply egg noodles with eggs, flour, and a bit of baking soda. These are mixed into dough, flattened, rolled and cut. You just throw them in the pot with vegtable broth to cook for a few minutes and they're done. It's amazing how delicious something so simple can be.

I'd love to make a vegan version of this but can't seem to find any egg replacer that isn't a powder. Does anyone have ideas as to what might make a good substitute (if anything) for the eggs in this recipe?
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In the Vegan Kitchen: Tips for Cooking Without Eggs

Got this from our local HEAT, just thought I'd pass it on ^_-

Eggs act either as a binder, thickener, or leavener in recipes. There are numerous egg substitutions depending on what you are trying to achieve with the replacement. For instance, to achieve a "binding" or "thickening" effect in veggie burgers or casseroles, try arrowroot, cornstarch, flour, oats, or breadcrumbs. To achieve the "binding" properties of eggs when making cookies, breads, and baked goods, use applesauce, pureed bananas, pureed dates, or Ener-G Egg Replacer. The "thickening" qualities of eggs can be achieved in pie fillings or custards by using agar-agar, kudzu, arrowroot, cornstarch, or flour.

Here are a few basic suggestions for substituting one egg:

1/4 C. Mori-Nu silken style, firm or extra firm tofu, pureed until smooth
1/4 C. applesauce or pureed bananas + 1/2 t. baking powder
1 T. cornstarch or flour whisked with 1 T. water
1 T. finely ground flax seeds + 3 T. water blended in a blender until frothy, and let rest 30 min. - 1 hour
1 1/2t. Ener-G Egg Replacer whisked with 2 T. water

Vegan Marshmallows

Eek! My wonderful boyfriend got me two bags of vegan marshmallows for Valentine's Day. I ate one just by itself.. but I really want a good recipe to use the other ones with. I DO NOT want to waste these! Can someone please give me an amazing, maybe not-so-common recipe that includes 1 bag of vegan marshmallows?
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DeepFryer Problems/falafel

I spent all day today making falafel (i had dried garbonzo beans to use up). Everything went great, right up until the end:

i plopped them in the deep frier and it began to bubble. I'm not talking little, normal bubbles. I mean, it bubbled all the way up to the top, as though it had soap in it; or was going to actually boil over.

The falafel mix was too dry, so i added some broth at the very end right before i dropped them in the oil.

The fryer was low on oil.

What made it bubble? could it have been something horrible with my falafel (i've never made it before), was it the water in the dough at hte last minute? was it the way it was low on oil? what?

has this ever happened to any of yall before??