March 11th, 2005

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so the health food store i work at (which has a buffet bar) has these vegan crab cakes. but the recipe is 'top secret'. i believe it involves tofu. so......anyone have any ideas?

gluten BBQ "ribs"

Today while I was picking up lunch, I picked up something I had not seen before at the co-op. It was freshly made and labeled "Gluten BBQ Ribs" I asked the person putting it out what it was, and she said had I ever had seitan, it was like seitan only it was gluten. It was maybe fried before being sauced, and seemed to be a bit lighter than seitan usually is. Not as toothy? Anyway, what would the difference be between seitan and gluten? Would these not be thes ame thing? Anyone have an idea? I would like to try making some. Help muchly appreciated :)
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i make these every time I run out of magic tortillas, as a fiber and yumminess source and something solid to have with my coffee.

I call them Sc*ffins because they are adapted from a muffin recipe, yet they look like scones. The asterisk is because some **** told me the name I use is already trademarked. Ha!

Heat the oven to 350 or 375 or so. Prepare a cookie sheet however you like. I do it by putting aluminum foil on it and spraying the foil with canola oil. Get out the cookie cooling racks or clean crumpled thick paper, which works just as well.

Put this stuff in a bowl in more or less this order, and mix them up as you go along.

* 1.5 cups oat bran or rolled oats or both or part wheat germ or flax meal. But mostly oats.
* a bit more than a teaspoon of baking powder
(mix it up)
* half a cup of soy milk
* something equivalent to 1/4 cup of sweetener. I used maple syrup this morning. I have used stevia, corn syrup, sugar, and probably other stuff too.
* something equivalent to two eggs. I have used egg and fat replacer, that stuff made out of dried fruit.
* two teaspoons of oil, or a bunch of peanut butter, or egg and fat replacer, or tahini. Whatever.
(mix it up. if it is too wet put in more oats.)
• half a cup or more of raisins, nuts, chocolate chips, diced marzipan, frozen fruit, bananas, whatever. It's all good and if you have this all the time like I do you won't get bored if you try everything you can think of.

Put it on the cookie sheet with a big tablespoon, so it is the size and shape of the bowl of your biggest spoon. Cook for about fifteen minutes til golden brown and not falling apart. Put onto the cooling racks with a pancake turner.

Everyone will think you are a genius and the oats will make your stomach feel good. Very low fat.

leftover rice and lentils

I just made that one-step curry that makes curried brown rice and lentils. I have a ton left over and was wondering if you could think of anything else i could make with it besides adding vegetables or just putting it in a pita. Could I use it to make burgers? Thanks.

chewy pancakes

all i had in my kitchen this morning was flour, sugar, a banana, 5 frozen strawberries, soy milk, and branflakes. i think it's time to shop for groceries.

i was hungry for something quick, warm and slightly sweet, so i made pancakes. (hard to believe but i am getting a bit tired of eating branflakes with a dollop of maple syrup and soy milk every day)

1 1/2 cup flour
1 tbsp baking powder
4 tbsp sugar (optional, i guess)
dash of salt
dash of cinnamon
1 cup of bran flakes, crushed halfway to oblivion

almost 2 cups of soy milk
2 tbsp oil
mashed banana
chopped up frozen strawberries (or any fruit you have lying around)

i mixed the wet stuff together with the branflakes, then i mixed the dry stuff together in another bowl. and then i poured the wet stuff into the dry stuff and mixed it till it was all nice and gooey. then i threw in the strawberries and mixed it a little while i heated up the skillet. cooked them and shared them with my roomates. they were a bit chewy because of the soy milk i think, how soy milk kind of coagulates. but it was good, i didn't need to add anything to top these, they were good on their own. oh yeah, i didn't realize how much batter i had - we made 10 huge pancakes.

Makin' Seitan

So I made seitan for the first time tonight, and it's simmering right now. I have a question, though, about the process. While I was rinsing it to remove the bran, it completely fell apart (which I've heard is normal). The big problem was that I couldn't figure out a way to drain the water from it without losing a ton of the mush! The recipe started with 4 lbs. of flour and said I should end up with 2.5 lbs. of cooked seitan, but it's really closer to only 1 lb. Is there a good draining method that I should know about? I was just sort of pouring the water off the top, then I switched to using two bowls and scooping the mush from one to the other. Whaddya think? By the way, I used the recipe/method from Vegan Planet.

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ok, i have to write this down before i forget it
tonight i was planning on making fajitas, but we didn't have tortilla shells or i had an idea: chilli....of course, i've never made chili before, so I sort of took from what I'd watched people do and went with was really good
and my dad actually said it was spicey...and he's hard to get to, so i was happy :-p

1. Take a whole huge stick of celery and dice it up
2. Take half of a large red onion and dice it up as well
3. Saute them with oil (i used olive oil) in a wok (i live in can use whatever you want)
4. I grabbed a handful of cilantro (we get it fresh) chopped it up and put it in
5. took one long med. sized red-sweet pepper and diced it up (seeds and all) and threw it in
6. continue to saute until the celery turns darker/brighter green (thing I learned from my Ayi here in China)
7. Add ALOT of Cayene pepper (moderate if you're not a spicey fan), a good deal of garlic salt, mexican spice mix, and (inspired my my mum's spaghetti) a bay leaf
8. Turn down the heat just a bit and add 1 can of mushy prepealed tomatoes
9. After those are worked in add 2 cans of kidney beans
10. let stew
11. Enjoy.