March 13th, 2005

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Silk soymilk cookies

just wondering if anyone's made the chocolate chip cookies from the recipe on the Silk plain soymilk carton ("Akasha's Chocolate Chip Cookies" on this page). if so, how many did the recipe yield? i was thinking of making up a batch, and it would be nice to know how many to expect. you'd think they'd tell you on the recipe.

Pumpkin Butter

Last night I used this recipe to make basic pumpkin muffins for this morning.  Good recipe, particularly if you're avoiding fat (only very little fat comes from the soymilk), don't like a lot of sugar, or don't have dry egg replacer. However it left me with about 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree. So I made pumpkin butter to put on the muffins.

Pumpkin Butter:

1/2 cup pumpkin puree (or whatever you didn't use in the muffin recipe)
1/2 cup sugar OR 1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 cup maple syrup
1/8 tsp cinnamon
to taste: ginger, nutmeg, ground clove or pumpkin pie spice/allspice

In saucepan, heat all ingredients on medium until the mixture begins to boil.  Once it begins boiling, boil for 5 additional minutes.  Stir constantly, you don't want it burning on the sides of the pot.  It will turn a slightly unappetizing dark brown color.  After 5 minutes, once it has thickened considerably, transfer to small container, let cool, and refrigerate.  Keep like regular butter.

Pumpkin butter is great on the pumpkin muffins, but if that's pumpkin-overload for you, it can be used on bagels, toast, etc.  I think it'd  be great on anadama bread.

*If you use the muffin recipe, it really does only make about 12 (to 16) muffins even though it seems like a lot of batter.  They're really fluffy muffins but don't expand a whole lot.   A great addition to the muffins would be: raisins, dried cranberries, or chocolate chips.

Gumbo with seitan?

I grew up in Southern Louisiana, and lately I've been having cravings for the kind of food I grew up with (the local university had a swamp, with alligators, on campus;we used to get a week off for Mardi Gras; and our school field trips when I was in elementary school were to places like the Tabasco sauce manufacturing plant, so I mean *really Cajun*).

I almost cried when I saw Kittee's recipe for King Cake, as for years I've had to say "no, thanks" to the cream cheese-filled goodness that our friends in Louisiana always faithfully sent up to my family in South Carolina during Mardi Gras time. I want to have a party just so I can make this cake.

But, more than anything, I want gumbo. And specifically, I want crawfish gumbo. I have easy access to vegan "shrimp", so if nothing else, I'll pick up some of those this week, but I was wondering if anyone has made this seitan recipe, and if so, do you think it could pass for seafood as well as fish? I don't want an overly fishy taste, as I remember crawfish to be a little more subtle (though it's been close to a decade since I had real Louisiana crawfish). I think the texture of seitan would be right, if I cut it up into small pieces, but I'm more concerned about the flavor.

some curious leaves

side dishes

I am completely clueless when it comes to thinking up good side dishes. When I'm cooking for myself I don't usually bother, just make one main dish and that's that, but now I've got a girlfriend to cook for, so I want our dinners to be a little nicer.

She'll be here next week (it's a long-distance relationship) and I am stuck on side dishes for two of the dinners. For one of the dinners, the main dish is breaded tofu (white wave Italian garlic & herb baked tofu, breaded and fried) and for the other dinner the main dish is a risotto w/ green onions and shiitake mushrooms. For both of them I want to serve some kind of vegetable on the side, but I'm not sure what would "go" with them. And I want to do more than just steam up some broccoli -- I want some way to make it exciting. Help please? Also during the week, I'm making a potato-based soup, so I'd rather that the side dishes not be potatoes.

Thanks for you help!

(no subject)

Hey you all, I have a bunch of portobello mushrooms that I'd like to prepare for dinner tonight. My family and I are super sick of mushroom steak sandwiches, so I'm searching around for some other options. I was thinking maybe something wrapped in filo dough? With a feta substitute? But totally not limited to that, so send your best ideas my way!

(no subject)

I have a good friend coming into town tonight, and I'm going to cook her a vegan meal. She's open to try pretty much anything, which makes things a little easier for me. Anyway, I'm making Collapse )
My question is, if I don't have any sesame oil, what can i use to give the recipe the flavor it will lack without it? The only thing that i have that might add some flavor is some tamari, but I don't want to overdo that flavor and take away from the shiitake flavor. Maybe it would be ok without the sesame oil? I don't know.

In case you were curious what this was going to be a side to, I'm also making
a variation of this recipe:

It's a mushroom night, I guess.

carrot cake?

I've looked through the index and I see a few carrot cake recipes, but before I go out and get the ingredients for them...does anyone have a tried and true carrot cake recipe (possibly with photos)? There weren't too many comments on the carrot cake recipes in the index.


egg replacers

Again, looked through the recipe index and I'm not sure where it is...

I have a recipe that calls for three egg replacers, what would be the best thing to use? (it's for a cake)

Thanks again!

Yummy Quick Sauce/Dressing

I just came up with this...

1 spoonfull of peanut butter
dash of wasabi powder
small spoon of ginger relish or fresh ginger
dash of sesame seeds
add Bragg until it is the right consistency

I used it as a dressing for a spinach salad

Pirate Bay

Tofu Salad?

So I had an idea today. Egg salad was one of my favorite dishes before I became a vegetarian. I'm not vegan, so I still eat eggs occasionally, although I am trying to slowly work towards a vegan diet. So my question is this: how hard would it be to make a traditional egg salad (hard boiled eggs, mustard, and mayonaise) but substitute tofu for the eggs and vegenaise for the mayo? I looked in the memories, and I couldn't really find anything. If anyone has ever tried this, I'd be really interested as to how it turned out!
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