March 14th, 2005


Dulse flakes


Been lurking here for awhile but this is my first post. Can anyone tell me what they do with Dulse flakes? A raw foodist I know mixes them with vegan salad dressing and uses it as sort of a dip for manna bread. I've tried that and it's yummy but I have no idea what else to do with them. Any advice/tips/recipes would be appreciated. Thanks!

earth balance

i know Earth Balance is a popular vegan (non-hydrogenated!) margarine, but which kind do you use when cooking/baking - the regular variety or the Soy Garden kind?

i bought regular Earth Balance a year or two ago to make the cornbread from the Veggie Works cookbook, and it turned out awful. i'm not blaming the Earth Balance, but it seemed a little too solid to be like butter or margarine. it got thrown out shortly thereafter.
but about 2 weeks ago i decided to try the Soy Garden spread which my health food store had on sale, and it was DELICIOUS. i used it in cookies calling for about 1/4 cup of margarine, and they came out great. has anyone else noticed a difference in the two types of spread?

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veggies w/ peanut sauce (cabbage, carrot, cucumber, celery, bok choi, mushroom, 1tbs peanut butter, 3/4tbs rice viniger, 3/4tbs. soy sauce, 3/4tbs. warm water) (135 calories for all those who care)

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the sauce also works great on pasta!
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if i wanted to put cocoa powder into a recipe, do i put it in and subtract an equal amount of flour?
this is the recipe. (i will veganize it of course)

i remember making chocolate mint cookies that had chocolate dough, but i could only find this recipe, so i was interested in putting cocoa powder in the dough. i was thinking 1/2 -3/4 c.?

thank you!

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Hey there. I live in Sacramento, CA and I was wondering if any of you knew of or recommend any relatively inexpensive vegan restaurants in the area.

Also, my sister lives in Los Angeles, so when I go down to visit her, I have no idea where to go. Any good vegan places there that don't burn too big of a hole in my pocket?

Thanks much!

pizza throne

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the chocolate duet cookies at panera bread used to be basically the best thingg in the world, and when i ate dairy i never tried making them. but now i want to try and replicate them after watching food tv and seeing ina garten make these:,1977,FOOD_9936_23767,00.html
basically, i'm just going to skip the white chocolate and use regular chocolate chips. the only thing i'm confused with is what to do with the eggs. would 2 ener-g eggs work well? i was thinking banana, but everytime i try and use it, the taste overwhelms whatever im i don't have any banana on hand. theres applesauce..but i'm not sure. i'm really not familiar with figuring cookies out.
basically i guess i'll try with the ener-g, but if anyone knows from personal experience, let me know.

Tempeh Two Ways

Since we're on both a tempeh and a peanut sauce kick as of late, here's a couple of recipes. The first one is the only thing I've really ever done with tempeh -- fry it and toss it in a stew. I think it tastes great with mushrooms. The second is what I had for dinner tonight, and... yum.

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Sunflower seeds turning green?

Yesterday, I baked up some bread/muffin things to eat for breakfast for the rest of the week, and I put flax seeds, raisins and sunflower seeds in them to make them extra nutritious and filling. They taste fine, but I had a big surprise when I ate the first ones this morning--every sunflower seed is green around the outside and the muffin around each seed is also green. Bright green like grass! Has anybody else had this experience? They were raw sunflower seeds from the bulk bin, so should I have dry roasted them first? Clearly, the seeds are having some kind of chemical reaction with the other ingredients, but it looks really weird. I ate them 12+ hours ago and have not yet dropped dead or gotten sick, so I'm assuming they're not poisonous. ;) Anybody have any advice?
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new orleans...

yeah, so hubby and i are going to new orleans in about a month. crawfish and poboys are out obviously...any suggestions on where to eat in or near the french quarter that vegan friendly??? thanks!!!

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does any one have any recipes for irish soda bread?

my grandmother who used to make it now suffers from psychosis, so i don't have the "original family recipe" to veganize. i checked the archives, and maybe i'm just no good at searching them, but i didn't see anything.

i'm throwing a potluck on st paddy's day and i think the irish soda bread would be a great addition to the other foods.