March 20th, 2005

Veggie Fried Rice

Another recipe from Vegan Planet - it was supposed to be Indonesian-Style Rice with Tempeh, but I used tofu instead. Basically, it was sauteed shallot, carrot, garlic, ginger, hot chiles, brown rice, and broccoli with soy sauce, a little sugar, and I added some lime juice. Toppings were fried tofu, roasted peanuts, and crunchy bean sprouts. It seemed to go over well with my family.

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How long does corn flour last?

I have some corn flour which I bought from a local grocery store here in London. I am going to use it to make something tortilla-like, since I just moved to London and can't find corn tortillas anywhere.

The corn flour I got was slightly moist, sold in a plastic bag in the refrigerated section. I believe it was intended for African dishes, not for tortilla making. It doesn't look or smell like regular masa, though the texture is similar. There is no lime in this corn flour.

It has a very sour "buttermilk" kind of smell. Has it gone bad, do you think?
Does anyone has experience with this type of corn meal? Should I just not even eat it if it smells this way, or is this normal?

Will it make something like a corn tortilla, or is the lime in masa necessary for success?
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Replacing white flour

Whenever I bake, I usually replace most of the white flour in a recipe with wholemeal flours - usually a 50/50 mix of wholewheat and oat flours (I just chuck some whole oats into my food processor and grind them into a coarse flour). I've always replaced white flour cup for cup, but I'm wondering if I should use a different measurement, because wholewheat flour is so much 'heavier'. How do you replace white flour - do you use exact measurements, or do you use less/more when replacing it with wholemeal varieties? I've never been too good with science, so I could use some help figuring this one out. ;)
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