March 26th, 2005

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delicious roasted veggies

I'm not sure how you all usually do roasted veggies (please reply, I'd love to know). I normally salt and peper, oil, and stick them into the oven.

"vegan: over 90 mouthwatering recipes for any occasion" said to dip them in a mixture of avocado oil and soy sauce (I used olive oil, as I have yet to find avocado oil)  and then sprinkle rosemary and fennel fronds, salt and pepper on top.

So very good.

Potatoes, beets, carrots, butternut squash, first, at 250 F, for 20 minutes. Turn. Add zucchini and whatever else, sprinkle on the rosemary and fennel fronds, salt and pepper, put in for another 20-25. (Basically, put the quicker-baking stuff in later.) I put in small red onions, sliced, and they are by far my favorite part of the dish.

Cookbook question:

Does anyone know of any vegan cooking books with colorful pictures of each recipe? Every vegan cookbook I've bought, and there have been many of them, have hardly any pictures in them... I sorta miss that about some of my non-vegan cookbooks.

I was wondering if it was because I'd heard either film or developing film wasn't considered vegan? But then there are digital cameras now.

sick sweets

so i have some kind of cold/sorethroat/bronchitis or something very not fun, and im having some serious sweets cravings. now i have heard that eating things that are sweet while you are sick can culture bacteria and make you sicker. so does anyone have any ideas on something i can make that would be sweetish, and good for me?

on a seperate note. i have been away from home for the last two and a half weeks for work without full internet access and i had a dream one night that a bunch of people from this community got together and had a cooking party. it was amazing. if anyone in the chicago area ever wanted to have a cooking party, i would be down! (when i stop being sick)
godless whore

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Okay, so I went to the Borrough market here in London today and went a little crazy... There is so much organic fruit, veg and bread I thought I was going do DIE! I'm DEFINITELY going back there at least twice a month for my produce!

Anyways, I was feeling a bit adventurous and bought some fresh lime leaves and lemongrass, thinking I would make either Tom ka gai soup (a.k.a. tom kar kai) or a thai yellow curry...once I got home I realized I don't know how to make either of those things from scratch, lol.

So anyways, I guess I was wondering if anyone had a good recipe for either of those. All the recipes I've found say to use store-bought curry sauce =|...
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wheat-free cookie assistance, please

Do oat and spelt flour work well together?

I have a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe, and I'm trying to stay away from white and wheat flour.
Should I use just spelt or oat flour? Any tips on flour amount (use more or less than the recipe calls for)? Or of course if anyone has a an all-spelt chocolate chip recipe I'd love you too.(I have an all oat flour one recommended from the memories could not locate an all-spelt recipe and this is actually my first spelt/oat flour venture so I'd like all the help I can get~

Thank you in advance!

Nanaimo Bars

I just made some Nanaimo bars for emperorkefka to try and cheer him up despite his long weekend workload. I used a recipe based on this. The only tough thing was thickening the custard enough that it was not destroyed when the melted chocolate was poured over top, but I think it worked. They are in the fridge chilling right now.

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Enjoy! Mine just came out of the fridge! They are not quite authentic, I blame too much Bird's since I was short on icing sugar. Still tasty, and pure fat!