March 30th, 2005

carrot-walnut-flax muffuns

This weekend I wanted to make some really healthy muffins that would be really good for me in the morning. I made these, based on a recipe from but with a lot of adjustments.

They basically came out to be slightly nutty, slightly fruity, pretty dense muffins...exactly what I was looking for. I happen to really like them, but I should say that they are not as sweet as most muffins...they're really just a TOUCH sweet. If you want them more sweet, I would add some maple syrup (also: the original recipe called for apple juice, and I bet that if you substituted that for the soymilk and orange juice it would make them sweeter too). The taste in general is subtle. I don't love a blast of flavor in my mouth at 7 am. If you do, though, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this recipe. Basically, what I'm saying is that this is not your typical muffin recipe. I would hate for someone to be looking for sugary / fluffy muffins and use my recipe and then be sad! Because these ARE very good but they're neither fluffy nor sugary.

I liked them a lot though. They're REALLY healthy (they have flax, blackstrap molasses, nuts AND carrots in them!) and they definitely get me going in the morning (seriously, I've felt a difference in my energy--the switch being from cereal to these muffins). Just one other note--they have a lot of flax in them and thus they sort of have a SLIGHT laxative side effect. So...consider yourself warned.

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Pineapple Muffins

Hi -
I am not a vegan but I enjoy vegan cooking because it usually provides a much more innovative use of vegetables, spices, and soy products than other kinds of recipes.

To keep this on-topic, here is my contribution: Vegan Pineapple Muffins. I made them and they were good but they are best fresh or else they get a bit gooey.

Last, I have a community called daily_granola that gives a tip a day to be more "granola" (environmentally friendly, supportive of social justice, etc). Occasionally, recipes are posted there, and I am committed to making sure half of those posted are vegetarian of vegan.
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Can soy milk become frothy?

When I am in the rare mood for a soy milk cappucino, they never seem to be very frothy. I remember cappucinos from my pre-vegan days as being foamy and frothy on top. Does soy milk not work for cappucinos, or is my coffee shop just unaware of how to properly make a cappucino? ;)

beet greens

i bought some golden beets this week. in the interest of saving money, i'd like to use as much of them as possible... hence, i'm wondering what i can do with the beet greens. are they good raw, and could they serve as salad greens? or are they better cooked, and if so, how? (i was thinking of steaming them.)

Cookie questions

Hey y'all, I want to make this recipe with a couple of changes, only I know nothing about baking and how these changes might affect the outcome of the cookies.
1. I don't have quite a 1/2 cup of margarine. Only slightly less. Could I add a tad bit more oil instead?
2. I only have sucanat, no other kind of sugar. Is that a problem?
3. I want to use walnuts and apples instead of chocolate chips. What should my quantities be like and will the wetness of the apples affect anything?
4. What's the deal with this "creamy" soy milk business? Can't I just use the soymilk that we make at the cafeteria where I work?

Thanks for your help in advance!

(no subject)

Has anyone here gone to culinary school and had to deal with meat? I'm thinking of going into a pastry/baking program in the fall. The problem is that one of the prerequisites will require that I cook with meat, I'm sure of it. It's one class, less than one month this summer. I'm okay with the fact that I'll have to deal with dairy for the year that this program lasts. It'll get me where I'm going, you know? I'd love to be a vegan pastry chef!

What have you done in this situation?

(I hope this isn't considered off topic.)

(Edited to add: Thanks for your suggestions, but I guess maybe I wasn't clear. I wanted some dialogue with someone who had actually been through the process who is vegan. The class is not a class where substitutions would be possible. A friend of mine has been through the class and they don't give a crap if you're vegetarian. It's one of the best programs in the country, and in a lot of the culinary world you're not taken seriously if you ask for special priviledges, and I'm not about to do that. Apparently I'd have to touch and cook the meat, but hopefully not taste it, someone in my group can do that. The course outline is here if you'd like to see what I'm up against.

Anyhow, it'll just be a month, I can live with it, I guess.)

cheap and easy

okay so this guy is going ot trade me a bunch of blank mixtapes for some vegan baked goods which i've done before.
only problem this time is that i'm going on a college visit to agnes scott tomorrow and he wants to trade friday so i only have friday to do this.
i'm already making some sort of dessert bread, but i need baking recipes that don't call for tofu or chocolate (other than cocoa powder) because i just don't have time to get out to a store let alone a health food store.
these need to be relatively simple and quick, too, as i want to make at least two or three or four different things.

baked goods=things that are baked. muffins, cupcakes, cakes, granola bars, fudge, etc. you all know what baked goods are, i'm sure.

thanks you soso much!

XXX@cheapvegan and vegancooking

also, the only fruit i have around the house are strawberries, apples, lemons, and still-green bananas and unripe pears. (if that makes a difference)
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Can anyone tell me how to make homestyle tofu?

One of my favourite things to order in a Chinese restaurant is homestyle bean curd.

It's like...thin slabs of tofu, with some vegetables, in a dark sauce which is sometimes kinda spicy.

The tofu has a texture sort of like an omelet...Somewhat chewy, somewhat squishy.

This stuff is delicious, and I'd love a recipe for it, if anyone has one. Even just knowing how to make the sauce would be cool, but I'd be a really happy camper to find out how they get the tofu like that.

"Hamburger" soup

My grandma used to make the non-vegan version when I was a kid...when I got to be about ten, I modified it! Everyone in the family loves it, even the carnivores!

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I just wanted to say I love this community! You guys have really helped me make my vegan transistion as easy as possible and I hope this small way of saying thanks is appreciated.

(no subject)

i know you guys really love yr earth balance and all, and just love it in yr food, but would regular vegan margarine be okay in the recipes?
i'm guessing it probably would be, but since most people tend to specify earth balance, i had to know.
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(no subject)

i am going on a class field trip visiting college campuses in northern california next week and we will most likely be eating at fast food resturants and cafeterias on campus. i prefer NOT eating at fast food places, even if i do order a salad.
can anyone recomend some food/ snacks to bring along with me so that i dont starve during those 3 days.
i was thinking lots of dry fruits.

(no subject)

I have had the flu for 1½ week now, and I still have it. I sleep and sleep and sleep, drink water and try to eat healthy even though I don’t have the energy to cook.

Tomorrow I have an important meeting I can’t miss, because… well, I’m in charge of it, I’m the vice-president in the Danish dyscalculia association and the normal president is on maternity leave.

The meeting will take 3 hours at least. How do I stay awake.. or rather, how do I wake up? I don’t take medicine unless I have something that would kill me if I didn’t, so drugs are not the answer.

What can I eat and drink that will make me okay, at least? I never drink coffee and stuff, but I will, if it will help…

Any ideas are welcome