March 31st, 2005

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Fruit Fritters

Ah, gram flour! That friend of all egg-avoiding and wheat-intolerant folk who have met it! Such a joy to cook with! Especially for deep frying.

Yes, I'm afraid this is not one for the dieters among you. Nor is it one for sticklers for exact measurements. Improvise! I have yet to make a bad gram batter, and I never measure anything. It's easy!
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energy bars?

I know that a lot of you swear by clif and odwalla bars, but i am thinking of making some on my own as a substance during school and before i get home and because they are probobly packed with way more than i actually need and can get kinda spendy, i thought i'd ask if anybody had any energy bar style recipes that they'd share? (no luck in the index)
im thinking of playing off of this one:

i've never cooked with wheat germ and am a little confused over the 'light' corn oil. does that mean light canola? *confused*


Meal suggestions requests


I'm trying to simultaneously feed three omnivores, one who isn't keen on lentils or most nuts, one who has quite conservative tastes, and one who likes spicy food. So far, we've had successes with home-made baked beans on toast or jackets, home-made refried beans with tinned tomato salsa, and hearty vegetable casserole (with nuts for the nut eaters), Edit: and hummous and vegan pizza,/Edit but eggs and cheese keep being requested...

Within those restrictions: Can anyone suggest some new ideas for quick lunches (especially involving toast), and main meals, which I can try on my merry band?

Thank you!
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I posted a link a while ago of a recipe website which was absolutely huge. So huge, that if you were to do a search for vegan recipes only, you'd still have thousands of recipes to look through. I believe the site was based in Australia.

Aaaand I've lost the link. Does anyone know what website I'm talking about?

I believe the background of the page was blue, and that the recipes were arranged alphabetically...And there was somewhere in the range of 3000 to 5000 vegan recipes to be found.

If anyone can post the link for me, I'd be a happy camper. Thanks!

cheesecake help

i'm making a vegan cheesecake from tofu. it's been in the oven for almost an hour. it's still a little soupy. but golden on the top. how do i know when it's done? will it get more solidified after it's cooled? thanks!

Bubble n squeak patties recipe request

Does anyone know how to make these??? They are like potato patties (kinda like hash browns) with kernals of corn, peas and chopped carrot in them. I really would like to be able to make them, as we cant get any vegan versions her in Australia. Please help???!!
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I made the cinnamon sugar quick bread that was posted here and it exploded!! the entire center splattered all over my oven. I finished baking it and it tastes great it just looks horrid with the entire center missing. It had pretty standard ingredients...It called for 1 tablespoon of baking powder...DO you think I accidentally added too much???? It made an aweful mess.
Also I made the newspaper today in an article on veganism. I was so excited!!! It was an awesome article because she kept my comments exact and she said nothing bad about veganism, she boasted about it, she also let me include four recipes!!! She listed websites that I recommended and this community was one of them.
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Two questions:

First, I'm making a cucumber salad from the FAQ, and I was wondering how much does an average-sized cucumber weigh? I don't have a food scale right now.

Second, someone in a post I found in the FAQ said that Vegan Vittles has a good recipe for grilled "cheese" sandwiches. They didn't give the recipe, however, and I was wondering if anyone here has the book and wouldn't mind typing it out for me? I actually ordered this book off ebay, and it never came... I would really appreciate the help! :-)