April 4th, 2005

Very satisfying vegetarian soup [x-posted]

I had a variation of this recipe for dinner tonight.

I used some smaller portions of some ingredients, added a few, and substituted others.

I used only 4 cups of broth (I only had 2 cans) and substituted veggie broth instead of chicken. Used about half an onion (again, it was all I had) and about 5 or 6 cloves of garlic (I LOVE GARLIC!!!). I didn't have any tomatoes, but I had a jar of Newman's Own vodka sauce I used instead. I also added rice (one 2-serving pouch of minute Rice), a mixture of button and shiitake mushrooms (about a quarter cup or so), chopped potato (about 1/2 of one), and Greek olives (they're very strong, so maybe 1/5 of a jar, tops). I also threw in a few extra flavorings: a bit of white wine vinegar in the sautee, as well as oregano, chives, onion powder and garlic powder. I also used a little bit of steak seasoning (meatless - just a mix of salt and spices) as well as a splash of soy sauce to punch it up a little bit.

You basically follow the same recipe with the extra stuff.... you want to fry the potatoes first to soften them up a little, then gradually add all the other veggies, sautee them, then add the veggie broth and rice... I let the veggies and rice cook in the broth for a few minutes before adding the sauce and cheese. Of course, if you don't eat cheese, you can leave it out and I'm sure it will still be great.

It really turned out more like a stew than a soup but it was delicious and very filling. I have some left over, too.... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

I also took the potato pieces I didn't use in the soup and broiled them with spices, cheese, and a little bit of the vodka sauce on top. It was a fantastic side dish.

This particular recipe, I've noticed, is very adaptable. You can take just about anything from your fridge or pantry and throw it in there. I love improvising soups!

Frozen Pizza Dough Question

So I wanna pre-make my pizza dough, divide it up into balls and chuck it into the freezer. Fine, all good. How long does my pizza dough have to thaw before rising? Or do you let it rise before you freeze it? Help me! This is pizza dough from Vegan Planet that only does one rise.

ham and bean soup

so i posted a little while ago asking if there was a ham like flavoring to make ham and bean soup. so upon peoples suggestions i purchased some liquid smoke, but now i was wondering if anyone had a good recipe (and how to use the liquid smoke to make it taste sorta ham like as the directions on the bottle only say marinade your meat in it forever...). all the ones i found online when i searched had lots o tomatoes in them (which i do not like...can only eat if it is with lots of other stuff so i do not really taste them...) someone said to look in the faq's but i looked in the soups, ethinic foods, beans, meat substitutes, everywhere i could think of and did not see anything...i soaked my beans overnight so they should be good to go when i get home, but i am not really sure what to do with them. any recipes or hints on where to look in the faq's would be greatly appreciated. thank you!
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soy garden vs. earth balance

so i thought the difference was basically that earth balance guaranteed no gmo's. but now i see on this tub of soy garden that the ingredients list says 'non gmo ingredients:..." and there is no other ingredient list. so are they exactly the same? is soy garden just a brand that earth balance bought and they are keeping the packaging to keep the customers?
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high fibre, high yum

I'm just out of hospital from surgery (oophorectomy - ask if you want info) and I have the abdominal surgery issues with the bathroom.

I need high fibre meal ideas that I can get my mom to cook for me, that are also really yummy (I'm sick of a week of bland hospital food!) but not spicy. Easy would be great, the easier the better. Easy to digest (fibre sorta suggests that I suppose lol) and possibly recipes that make lots of food, so I can eat it for leftovers and maybe even share with my parents. ;)

I could look, but I trust the tastes of you folks, so I want some good suggestions of post-op food.

Cancer fighter ingredients would be great too, but that's half the food we eat right? LOL.


(no subject)

today i had the best tempeh hoagie from a mellow mushroom near atlanta (no, it wasn't vegan, but neither am i. sorry guys)!
the last time i tried tempeh was a pre-packed bacon-thing and i ended up burning it and hating tempeh.
but since i don't anymore, i need recipes on how to make it, and what to do once i make it, or a good brand to buy.


Alright, so here's the deal. I was supposed to get paid on Friday, but my work screwed up some paperwork and I didn't get my check. I won't get my wage advance until Wednesday. So the problem is that I can't really go out and buy any new groceries.

So here's your task! I'm going to list the things I have in my kitchen right now, and you give me recipes using some of them!!

Okay, you don't have to do this, but I would greatly appreciate any help in my cooking dilemmas!

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