April 5th, 2005


More soy musings

I've been to NutritionData* and The Okara Cookbook, for nutritional information on three common soybean foods:

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Following Laurel's Kitchen, I made mushroom pate at the weekend, and enriched it with soybean puree where I might have used cream or cottage cheese in a non-vegan pate. It's very tasty! Today, I am going to use soybean puree in a smoothie, and in pizza dough. I will report back!

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Ok. I want to veganize Collapse )

and dont know what to replace the egg YOLKS with for the cream center. everything else seems do-able enough.. but a custard center? any ideas?

also, i would like to make this Collapse )
and if i can find green tea powder i will share my experience. when i went to japan in october i looved all the japanese sweet cakes and really all the food (i was/am mostly vegetarian, only leaning to veganism now..). There's a little store here that sells japanese, indian, thai food, the Asia Oriental store. it's run by this adorable little couple from japan as well.

If anyone else wants to try veganizing any japanese sweets (green tea ice cream, a myriad of other things!),

is the page i got the recipes from. they're all pretty heavy on milk and creams and eggs but i'm up for a challange!
color theory in action
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i am having my first solo show on Friday, and i am very nervous.
(for all those in Savannah, GA, its at Desoto Row 7-10 is the opening)
it is called Super Awesome Amazing!
and so i need some super awesome amazing food to go with it.

now, i've perused the memories, but what i really need is your best best best best FANCY party food. i need to knock some socks off here.
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Okay, here's what I have on hand and I need HELP! We just had lasagne last night, so pasta is out and I really don't want to make stirfry...so your mission, should you choose to accept it, is give me some ideas for these ingredients:

1/2 onion
1 green pepper
1 orange pepper
fresh basil

lentils (red and green)
rolled oats
a small amount of TVP
bulgur wheat

I'm thinking stuffed pepper... any outstandingly good ideas??
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not about cooking but...

is heinz organic ketchup REALLY organic?
and what about those navel oranges, the ones without seeds and with thicker skins? they're a lot more convenient, but since they've been "bred" to be different from regular oranges, are they dangerous? are they being bred that way naturally or through bio-engineering type stuff?

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okay, You guys just inspire me. I have three vegan kids ages, 10, 8, and 6. Today i made for the first time ever Vegan Mac and Cheese with the addition of broccoli. THEY LOVED it. so cute. I did not name it, I just called it creamy pasta and broccoli. Now the are calling it broccoli pasta.. My year 6 year is so cute. "i just love this stuff momma"

I like it too. I am not sure how to refer to the original recipe, I found it in the mac anf cheese archives, its was posted by vulcan . I did not have pimento so I squeezed in some spicy pepper miso mayo.

thank you all for the inspiration.



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freeze the cheese

has anyone tried to freeze soy cheese? follow your heart to be specific? does it keep well? it just goes bad so fast and i dont use it quickly enough..so i'm wondering if it's do-able?

easiest tastiest vegan snack ever

in an attempt to come up with a really fast easy vegan food, i came up with this "pizza" recipe, and its sooo good.. it's just pita bread that i toasted and then put pasta sauce on it (i used middle earth organics tomato and procini mushroom sauce) and then some soymage parmesan alternative on top and a dash of tapatio (which you can leave out, i just put it on everything), and then i put it in the oven on broil for about 3 minutes...
im sure you can come up with crazy toppings to put on it; it kind of tastes like pizza margherita.