April 6th, 2005

Re: Heinz Ketchup

Google is our friend: heinz pulls up the Heinz homepage, which includes an faq.

From the Heinz product FAQ:

Where can I find out what ingredients are in my favorite Heinz products?
A full list of ingredients is included in the ingredient statement on the product label. "Natural flavoring" refers to herbs and spices that are derived solely from plant sources.

Does Heinz ketchup contain animal products?
Heinz Ketchup has never contained any animal products.

In addition, the FDA has set a standard of identity for ketchup that does not permit the use of any animal products. Any deviation from this standard of identity would mean that the product could no longer be called ketchup nor sold legally under the name ketchup.

recipes for the grill

My boyfriend's dad has a grill, and last year during the family barbeques my boyfriend and I had veggie dogs and veggie burgers. This year I want to try something else. I'm thinking grilled portobello steaks (that jerk recipe a couple entries back looooks delicious), grilled tofu steaks, grilled peaches, grilled pineapples, kebobs...

What are some of your favorite recipes for the grill?

Vegan in Texas?

So, I'm going to Ft. Worth, Texas tomorrow. Never been to Texas before. What are the tricks to eating out and getting vegan food? I've heard they cook EVERYTHING in animal fat and that if you mention you're vegan, people laugh at you. Anyone know any restaurants in the downtown area that might make the experience easier? Thanks in advance for all your advice and feedback.

x-posted like crazy.

simple and oh-so good

Pay day is far away, so I've busted out the emergency food supplies.

Tonight I made wild rice with red miso, soy beans and corn.

Wild Rice: (the kind I bought had the most protein of any rice, which was a lot)
3 cups of water to one cup of rice
Boil water, add rice, bring down to a simmer, cook for about 35 minutes, stirring occasionally.

About twenty minutes into the rice, add two heaping tablespoons of red miso, about a 1/4 cup of soy sauce and a half cup each of (frozen) soy beans and corn kernels. Stir every few minutes, until desired texture is reached. Once finished, splash some balsamic vinegar on that baby and serve with roasted veggies. I made roasted asparagus, golden beets, carrots and potatoes (with salt, pepper and paprika). The potatoes went so freaking well with the balsamic vinegar, but I think everything out of the dessert category tastes good with the ole BV.

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