April 8th, 2005


Lazy jam

OK, so at least other one person here is newly in love with a bread machine :-) Both my old and new ones have this mysterious programme setting of "Jam". So, as the rhubarb season starts, I thought ... Yes! I've just followed the recipe in the bread machine recipe book, but replaced raspberries with chopped rhubarb and grated ginger. Result? One jar of rhubarb-ginger jam which will be a fine sweet 'chutney' to accompany Indian food tonight, too. Yum!

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what section exactly would a recipe for fallafil be under in the recipe index?
because... I just found out that they are quite possibly the most delicious substance ever devised and I need to make stockpiles, lol. my package from the store referred to it as a 'sandwhich' looking under sammiches i have no luck.. so i checked around the index, no luck. also, i was going to just attempt to make it by blending all the ingredients on the package together, seeing as how it's just kind of a.. paste.. so, the recipe I had was a combo of garbanzo beans (which i have) and fava beans. I went to safeway before work and did a quick peak in the canned isle and the ethnic isle and no luck there so im wondering if fava is just something im more likely to find in a health food store or if i should have just searched better? Im going to try and make it to another grocery store or two today because i have to go shopping anyways so im thinking they are more likely to be in the dried food section?
okay, i know you are thinking 'will this post get any more complicated and whiney?' but wait... I am also confused as to what temperature you should enjoy your fallafil? I had about half of it cold, straight from the fridge and it was nice and gooey and pastey and i enjoyed it. and then i microwaved the other half and the paste kinda seperated and looked like a fluffy bean version of a graham cracker crust but was still quite delicious. so.. what are your thoughts?
also, i typed it into google and i got next to nothing.. something about a jewish comedian, not what im looking for! whoa is me!! am i spelling it right?

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Alright, I have a recipe for dressing. I basically like it, it goes on mixed bean salad. The thing is it has an outrageous amount of olive oil in it. I'm wondering if there's anything that could be subbed at least a portion of the oil that would be lower in fat?
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Hi everyone, I used to be a Taco Bell a-holic ...

When I was ovo-lacto, I'd consume 7-layer burritos like there was no tomorrow, and when I went vegan for a while I'd still instinctively pull off the highway when I saw the Bell logo on the "Food - Next Exit" signs and order bean burritos w/o cheese. Cheap. Hot. Fast. Food. Ahh ...

But then I became educated about Pepsico and could no longer indulge my secret passion without a guilty conscience.

Now I've found out how easy it is for the time-deprived to make these things up yourself in 1 minute. At my local co-op they sell Bearitos brand (spicy) refried beans, organic flour tortillas and good salsa. It takes me 15 seconds to smear a layer of beans and salsa (plus maybe some jalapeno slices) on the tortilla and 45 seconds to microwave it.

Simple pleasures. Why on earth had I been depriving myself when it was always this easy?

These aren't awful when they're cold, either. I'm thinking of packing the ingredients with me on road trips so I can be forever immune to food lust when I see Taco Bell signs on our nation's interstates.
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"vegan cooking for one"

i just got this cookbook today: vegan cooking for one, by leah leneman. i must say its absolutely fantastic. it gives you a weekly shopping list, and then fairly quick and easy recipes for the week, lunch for saturdays, and lunch, a little more extensive dinner recipe, as well as a dessert for sundays. any item on the weeks shopping list that isnt completely used in one recipe, will be used later in the week so no food is wasted or left overs needed. i think i might be abnormally excited about it, but it def looks like fun.
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