April 11th, 2005

Spirited Away

Cake: Upside Down, Chocolate, and Green!

I made cakes for my mom's birthday, St. Patrick's Day, and my brother's birthday. The latest and best one I think is the pineapple upside down cake I made for my brother. It came out beautifully and very moist and rich. I don't think this particular recipe has been posted here before. I'll say that it's a good one. So without further ado, recipes and pictures.

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Peanut Butter "truffles"

No recipe, recipe:
powdered sugar
Peanut butter
rice crispies

chocolate chips

Mix everything but the chocolate chips. Roll into balls, put in freezer while you clean up. Start to melt the chocolate chips. Once melted pull out the balls and dip in chocolate. Put on a sheet of waxed paper (or whatever you call it). Let cool.

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stuffed peppers

What's your favorite recipe for stuffed peppers??? I'd like to make some tonight and I was hoping to do a couple of varieties, because I have so many peppers so any ideas???
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Saag Choley: A figment of my imagination?

Ok, so I decided that I was going to make Saag Choley for dinner tonight -- this lovely Indian dish of chickpeas and spinach in a tomato-onion sauce -- one of my favorites back from when I would go out to eat back in my hometown of Cincinnati. Only, when I went to google for a recipe today, the only websites that came up were sites referencing Cincinnati restaurants. There was ONE place in another part of the country that served it, and that's it. So... has anyone else had saag choley? Is it called something else in other places? Do y'all know the common flavorings? I figure I'll just make something up for tonight, but I'm just really curious. The idea that it doesn't exist everywhere is just so shocking to me.
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Tough Pita

Eep. I made pita bread last night using the classic pita recipe from The Garden of Vegan. It's just yeast with warm water and dry sweetener, then flour. However, after it cooled, it got very tough. :( It's terrible. What can I do to keep my bread soft after it cools?

Do you miss whipped cream?

I found the most awesome product at the Natuurwinkel, today, when I went in to buy my soy milk! Whipping cream!! It says on the carton to whip it with a hand mixer at high speed for two minutes, but I don't have one, so my boyfriend and I took turns beating it with a wire whisk for about ten minutes, and it worked! I haven't had dairy whipped cream in more than 6 years, but it sure tasted like the real thing to me. It was gorgeous heaped on top of our chocolate pudding.
It's a new product--just came out last month--and it's made in Germany. I'm not sure if US stores will be carrying it any time soon (they should!), but I'm pretty sure you can order it. I see on the website that they also sell it pre-whipped in a spray can, but my store doesn't have that. It's pretty fun to whip it yourself and watch it develop, anyway.
Check it out--you won't regret it!

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aaaaahhhhhh!!!! i have found out that i am pritty certianly allergic to soy!!! i've been vegitarian my whole life (and had stomach aches my whole life) i've been vegan since january and recently i've had relly relly relly bad dabilitating stomache aches so i've been cutting one thing at a time out of my diet for a week at a time to see if i'm allergic to anything, and it's soy! WHAT DO I DO?!?!
(i don't think anyone would suggest it, but i will not quit being a vegitarian, i'll live w/ it, but should i quit being vegan and go back to ovo-lacto?) i'm worried about not getting enough protien and calcuim as well as not being able to have or make like any baked good of any kind or any kind of ice cream...
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Damnit! The memories are down and I need a brownie recipe! I've been looking around online and I'm having some problems.

1. I don't have a half cup of oil. I only have a few tablespoons.
2. I don't have applesauce or banana, either.

I do have cocoa, chocolate chips, egg replacer, and other useful baking things. Baking powder, but not soda. Does anyone have a recipe that fits these limitations?