April 15th, 2005

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As I have neither the time nor the money to go to my favorite Lebanese restaurant every night, I'm going to try making baba ghannouj at home. I always get kind of confused when it comes to exactly what goes on with the eggplant once it's been roasted. I don't have a recipe at hand at the moment, but I was reading one that said that once the eggplant is cooled, "scoop out the pulp except for the seeds and place the eggplant in a blender." Pardon my netspeak, but wtf? What's the "pulp"? What exactly does "the eggplant" refer to? Do I include the skin and the seeds in the blending, or do I just blend the scooped-out "pulp"?

Potato Toppers

I must say I enjoy:

Baked potato topped with a bit of margarine and Veganaise
Then a layer of great northern beans
And barely steamed broccoli on top seasoned with a bit of salt, pepper, and lemon juice

It makes a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The great northern beans make it very creamy and rich and I think it has a great taste. Mainly I like it because it is very filling, delicious, and very easy to make. It would also be good with bacony bits on top.

And I also like tofu scramble on top of a baked potato with Veganaise and little sweet pickles. That's sort of like egg salad on a potato and I say it makes a very good breakfast, especially with soy sausage. <3
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Soy cream birthday cake

My boy's birthday is next week and I want to make him an ice cream cake. I am wondering if the idea below sounds like it would work, or if you've tried it and know something that works (or doesn't work).
My idea:
Make two 9" chocolate cakes like normal. Cool completely in the fridge. leave out mint marble madness soy delicious to soften (or blend it in the blender). Pour/spread into empty 9" cake pan. Set in freezer for a couple of hours.
Layer: One chocolate cake, 1 layer soy cream in the same shape as the cake, 1 chocolate cake.Top with chocolate mint frosting and mint leaves for garnish.

I know you are all fantastic cooks and bakers so thanks in advance!

new to the community - long time watcher

Cookbooks for the health conscious

I’ve seen you guys answer some tough questions, so here’s the challenge:
I have the book How It All Vegan (I love it, it’s like a bible for me) but that’s my only vegan cookbook. So here are the guidelines…. can you find me the perfect cookbook?
· I’m the only vegan in the household (so the meals inside the book need to be inexpensive to make)
· Egg replacers like Ener-G kind of freak me out (plus they are ubber expensive – at least where I’ve seen them) so if I can’t use the trusty applesauce, banana or flax seeds to replace the eggs then the recipe = no good
· Though I’m finished school until the fall, my school schedule requires odd hours (I’m doing theatre and film studies…so I’m always there). It would be awesome if there were recipes in there that are A.) quick to make and B.) easy to take to school (I do have access to a fridge and microwave at school…even though they both smell bad) – but not all the recipes have to be like this…there are times I’m not at school
· I’m picky on the carbs that I consume – I stay away from white starchy stuff, and for some reason I just don’t eat potatoes (I do eat brown rice, whole wheat pita, oats, veggies and fruit…occasionally rice pasta…that sort of stuff)
· And yea, I also don’t like foods high in sugar and oils(but don’t get me wrong I do eat sweets like cookies every so often…. but the “healthier” (cookie wise) the better (stuff like that)
· I'm avoiding recipes that call for "butter" (it's ok if there are recipes that call for it, i just wont use that recipe i guess)
· I live in Canada – I don’t know if that makes a difference – so if the ingredients are easy to find and relatively inexpensive then the better it is
· I think I have a sensitive stomach so things high in spice, onions, peppers… can make me feel sick – more so when stir-fried – (recipes can call for those, I’ll just make adjustments if needed, I think it just depends how it’s prepared)

I’m pretty sure that’s all I need in my “perfect” cookbook. I am curious about the Vegan Cooking For One cookbook – so if anyone knows how tasty/healthy is it let me know.
*sorry if this has been answered, I did check the memories and found nothing, but if there is I can delete this.
*and i'm totally sorry for this post, it probably makes me seem really difficult..but i just listen to what my body likes and doesn't...


Thanks for all your suggestions yesterday. I ended up buying (in addition to my regular fruits and veggies): brussel sprouts, snow peas, a sweet potato, kiwis, and a mango. Didn't want to go TOO crazy :) I almost bought this weird looking fruit that was chi-something but it was $4. It looked like a green tomato with sort of a ...mosaic like skin? I'll have to google to try to find it. I also saw what might have been an ugli fruit. It looked like a brown grapefruit, but it wasn't labelled.

I ended up making the brussels sprout miso soup someone suggested and mashed sweet potato w/ maple syrup and cinnamon. Yum!

EDIT: The green fruit i almost bought was a cherimoya

Need Help Modifying some Cajun Recipes

I want to do some cajun cooking which I currently do vegitarian but need to modify to vegan for a guest. The main problem I'm having difficulty with adjusting is
for making étouffées with a butter based roux; i've tried oil based but it's lacking flavour. How can I make it richer/more butter-like?

Secondly have any of you tried blackening any of the vegan meat substitutes out there? (you coat the filet of whatever in a lemonjuice, butter and cajun spice mixture, except I'll have to try oil(?) in place of the butter and then sear it in a pre-heated skillet) If so, I'd like to know which you thought worked best flavour wise and which held up best (didn't fall apart). I bought some vegan boca burgers to try it with, but figured I'd ask first before experimenting.

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I have a donated 8-pound slab of wildwood tofu sitting in the freezer. How do I go about preparing to bake this gigantic thing? can I bake the entire thing in one peice after thawing or would it be easier to bake (and would the consistency be better) when cut up? Any experience? thanks.

Brown Rice Milk

Yesterday I made homemade rice milk for the first time. It's absolutely delicious! Let me share my recipe.

2 cups cooked brown rice
2 cups hot water
Vanilla, to taste
Brown sugar or maple syrup, to taste

Combine the ingredients in a blender and blend until you can blend no more. Strain through a tight metal strainer and chill.

The first time through, I didn't strain it, but after it chilled, it was a thick slop. After that, I balanced a strainer over a bowl (locking it onto a jug on either side) and poured the mixture into the strainer with extra hot water, scraping out the lumps and extra rice into the sink every once in a while. I ended up with a really great consistency.

do you think this pan will work for vegan goodies??!?!

So i'm sure many of the other food network addicts out there have seen the commercial, for the super housewifey and seemingly wonderful betty crocker Bake N' Fill (http://www.bakenfill.com). What it is, is an awsome pan designed to make a cake with a hollow center so you can fill it with, ice cream, frosting, pudding, or another flavor of cake (i also had the idea for a nice no bake cheesecake filling, mmm!). Also need i mention that it also comes with an extra DOMED pan to make such awsome things as lady bugs, and baseballs etc. (the cake decorator in me squeels as the multiple uses all for TWENTY SIX DOLLARS). Now if none of my description makes sense to you, just head over to the website, and the pictures will definitly make it simple and clear.
You may ask why i have not ordered this already, why am i not making sure to have it in time to make a better pecan filled cake for my friend Zak? Why you ask, because of the bake time. The bake time for the large pan is 50-55 miutes for non vegan cake, and anyone who has messed with vegan cake, knows that they often take a bit longer than their non vegan counterparts, and i just really worry that vegan cakes will stay a ball of gooey and gross mush in this wonderful wonderful pan. I myself am not vegan, but most of my friends are, my boyfriend is, and i don't really use eggs, so i never really bake non vegan things, so what the heck is the use of a pan that won't make vegan yummies?
So i figured i could ask my fellow baking geniouses what they thought of my dilemma.
*i so so want this pan!!*

Edit *i just bought it i hope this was not a huge mistake*
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Yummy Baked Pasta

This was my dinner tonight, and I'm so happy with how it turned out that I've got to post it. This was my first time ever using TVP, so I'm extra glad it turned out okay. The TVP didn't really taste like anything, but I also didn't even notice it for the most part, so I supposed it did its job of unobtrusively adding protein. *g* I pretty much made the recipe up on the spot, because I wanted to use by Follow Your Heart cheese, and I didn't feel like making pizza crust. I used a cooking temp and time slightly adjusted from a VegWeb recipe.

Vegan Baked Pasta

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Weird question, and I don't know if it's been done before; the memories seem to be temporarily unavailable, so...

Assuming you have what you need to make your own tofu, can you make...uh, different tofu? The Mori-Nu silken packages say it's just soymilk and a calcium coagulant combined and allowed to set in the aseptic containers until ready. So, could you make rice tofu, or chocolate soymilk tofu, or almond tofu?