April 16th, 2005

Transitioning back into vigilant veganism

I am transitioning back into veganism (from a roughly 85% vegan, 15% vegetarian diet) but am at somewhat of a disadvantage because:
  • I just moved from my home of 5 years and gave away all of my oils and staples, so I'm slowly stocking my new kitchen,

  • I am trying to keep somewhat within a budget, and

  • I live with my omnivore boyfriend now rather than living alone.*

*This matters only because of the item previous to it, which means that some of our grocery budget needs to go to staples that both of us will use, and I don't want the foods I eat to double the cost of the foods he eats.

Anyway, I love this community and the other vegan cooking communities I belong to, and have gotten a lot of inspiration from them, but I wish there were a community where people listed their daily diets in addition to their new recipes. And their shopping lists! Does this exist and I just don't know about it? I'm thinking about starting it just for my own purposes so I have an ongoing record of my meals and if other people want to join, great!

(Sorry that this isn't more cooking-related and if that bothers anyone, but I really would love your feedback and thoughts if you can spare the time.)
me- montana

Sour Candy

Does anyone have a recipe for a sour candy? I'm really craving but not in the mood to spend money on a bag of candy for the umpteenth time this week. I looked in the memories but came up with nothing but chocolate and carmel and marshmallows. I'd prefer something that doesn't take over 3 hours to take, but post anything you've got.

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Pizza dough.

If I made pizza dough tonight, letting it rise and everything (but not bake it), could I put it in the refrigerator when it's all done and use it/bake it tomorrow night? If so, how long can you really leave it in the refrigerator for? Do you have to bring it to room temperature before you use it?
Also, can you freeze pizza dough that is premade but not baked? How would you go about thawing it--just leave it on the counter? And, would you just freeze it as one, big, dough ball?
Okay, thanks to anyone who answers my many questions!

First Post -- Soy Delicious! :D

*waves* Hi everyone! I'm Kat, your average vegetarian-transistioning-to-vegan. :D

I've been lurking and reading for a few months now; but I have been prompted to post by my discovery at my local grocery store of Soy Delicious' products. Specifically, Chocolate Obsession. I honestly wouldn't mind if it took over my freezer like an epidemic. It's just that good.

I ask you, members of this community; for your favorite Soy Delicious flavor/reviews? I'm planning a shopping trip Monday. :D

Thanks a bunch! :) You guys rock!
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