April 18th, 2005

For the young and old - Easy food for those who wish to rush :)

Tropical Peta Pizza

- One round of peta bread (Unbleached for healthy freaks. Try while wheat - it's much healthier)
- Vegan pasta sause
- Pineapple
- Shreaded cocoanut
- Vegan cheese shreads (Mozzarella flavoured)

For new vegans - Be sure to carefully read the lables before attempting this dish. Make sure your pasta sause, especially, is cruelty free!

Place peta bread on a microwave safe plate. Add sause, cheese, and toppings. Microwave for 30-60 seconding (depending on your microwave).

The beauty of it is, It can be cut up or rolled up, and you get that a healthier 0 yet identical in flavouring - alternative to greasy pizza.

If I could eat only these from now on - I totally would. Being a teen, I have a taste for typical teenager food such as pizza. But being a vegan, I have made my own variation of a popular teen-vegan choice. Ladies, This goes wonderfully with a Luna bar (not the low carb, it's vegan), for those who would decide to do this for lunch. Get all those vitamins in and stay nice and healthy! :)

Vegan Snow Balls

A wonderful alternative to the popular cruelty producted based snow balls that many of us saw this winter.

-Shreaded/baked walnuts
-Soy delicious "ice cream" in vanilla
-Shreaded unsweetened coacanut
-Non refined sugar

Okay, to start this off. You need to prep your cocoanut. Take a small bowl and add hot water along with your sugar. Put your cocanut in. Let it soak over night. The following day, drain your cocanut. Place it on a non stick baking sheat and bake untill the edges have became semi browned. Do not bake untill the entire thing is, you only weant the edges of the shreads to have this effect. Tada, cruelty free sweetened cocanut!

Now, take your ice cream. This is messy, so be sure to have a hanky ready! Take a table spoon and pull out scoops of your soy delicious. Roll into balls quickly in your hands and place in the cocanut. Semi cover each ball. Now that that's done, what isn't covered in your walnuts. Place in mini cupcake papers and place in the freezer.

After about an hour in the freezer, you're set!

This is a lovely way to show your kids that being vegan doesn't mean they can't have a few good treats. Especially nice cold ones in the summer. Would be an awesome thing to invlude them in as well :)

my favorite sandwich

toasted multigrain bread
sliced avocado
leaf lettuce or spinach
sliced ripe tomato
spread made from equal parts spicy mustard and Vegenaise

I have no pictures, since I spend too much money on food to afford a digital camera.

Anyone else have a favorite sandwich?

oatmeal and flax seed

I just bought a package of ground flaxseed and tried to add it to my oatmeal.
It's instant oatmeal so I put the dry stuff in the bowl with two tablespoons ground flax seed and the correct amount of water. It came out really goopy. I assume this is because ground flax seed could be used as egg repacer and water makes it have an eggy consistancy.
I've heard people say they put ground flax seed in their oatmeal, so how does it work? Should I put less in, or add it after cooking the oatmeal and mix it in? Any advice would be good.
boom de yada

Vegan chicken noodle or dumpling soup?

Does anyone have a tried'n'true recipe, or a way to replace the chicken in the soup?

I don't have access to pre-made faux chicken, but I do have things I could probably use to turn into faux chicken somehow; tofu, TVP, and gluten flour (to make into seitan). Any opinions on which would be best to use in my soup would be appreciated.

I also have access to a variety of herbs, spices, vegetables, a dumpling recipe, fun pasta shapes, vegetable soup boullion, and vegetarian chicken-flavour soup boullion. So I think for the most part I can figure the soup out, but the chicken part is stumping me. I checked out the archives but the posts I found addressed other issues (such as how to get a chicken-flavoured broth, or how to make dumplings, etc).



i'm making them and substituting sprite or some kind of clear soda for eggs. if youve done this (i know it seems odd), exactly how much soda would one need? i dont want to put in too much or too little.