April 19th, 2005

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Yummy grilled sandwich

I bought one of those George Foreman-style grills last night off a clearance rack (10 bucks!), and I just tried it out. Yum!

Here's what I put on the sandwich:

Pre-seasoned and -grilled tofu cutlets*
Avocado slices
Follow Your Heart mozzarella
Dijon mustard
(on Jewish rye)

* To prepare the tofu I mixed up about a tablespoon of BBQ sauce with 1-2 Tbsp. tamari and 1-2 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar. Then I just dipped each 1/2" slice of tofu in that (turn to coat all sides) and let it sit while I heated the grill. Grill until those lovely marks appear on the top, then load up your sandwich and grill the whole thing. Yum! Fast, too.

I can't wait to throw a portabello on this thing...
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Polenta recipes

Hi! I'm really interested in trying polenta for the first time, but I need a great recipe to go along with it. What are your favourite polenta recipes?

(If anyone's been paying attention they've probably noted that I make posts like this all the time; that is, give me your favourite recipe incorporating a certain ingredient. I hope that's okay.)
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1st time poster

All the recepies put on here usually look fantastic, which is why I thought that maybe someone out there could help me. I love to make muffins and they are such a fast and easy breakfast, snack, or whatever. I made some muffins from a box(they were some pretty healthy ones) and was suprised to find that each muffin(which I can say turned out small) have just about 150 calories give or a take a few. I could maybe understand this if it was at least a substantial size, but it wasn't. I was wondering if anyone had a decent tasting muffin receipe with less calories and the count for it that they really enjoy. I was thinking more on the healthy side, but all are welcome :) Thanks!
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Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Last night, I made a cookie cake for my friend's birthday. I used generic (Hannaford) chocolate chips that were vegan :). Basically I veganized the recipe on the chocolate chip package and slightly altered it, mostly because I'm a poor college student that can't afford to buy a lot of little items a few weeks before the semester's over and the food will be thrown away when I move out. And I don't have a digital camera, so unfortunately I don't have a picture to show the lovely cake.

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My omni friend who likes to tease me for my "vegan frou-frou food" really liked it.

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coriander/cilantro question

Hey guys, so like many of you I make a lot of curry since it's full of vegetables and rice and beans, and I've observed that just about everything that calls for chopped fresh coriander/cilantro tells me to put it in at the very last minute, right before serving. Now, as a single person, I'm usually making meals for 4 and eating them one day at a time, storing them in my fridge and microwaving them as I go. What I'm wondering is, why is cilantro always stirred in at the end, and am I harming myself in any way other than perhaps flavor-potency by re-heating these already-cilantroed dishes?

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I tried Soyrizo for the first time last night, and I'm fairly impressed. Does anyone have recipes for this stuff?
What I did last night was fry up the soyrizo in a nonstick pan (the "quick fry" heating method recommended on the label) and add it to some Mexican-style rice and black beans with some salsa - easy and tasty. I'm looking for something more interesting/exotic to try - this stuff's pricey enough that I won't be making it all the time, so I'd like to get some production value out of it - but I'm happy to have suggestions for simple tasty dishes as well. Thanks!

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Large, Fluffy, Italian Bread

I am having a picnic on Friday, and I really want to make the roasted veggie sandwiches that fonybolony posted about last week:

Does anyone have a recipe for this kind of bread? Any bread I've ever made (even foccacia) never came out anything like this, and I can't buy bread like this here. I don't even know what it's called really. Can anyone help?
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If anyone's online right now and can answer this question, a million thanks in advance:

I'm about to bake bread in my bread machine I just realized I don't have enough gluten! The recipe calls for 3 table spoons and I only have 1 1/2. Could I just replace this with powdered egg replacer? If so, how much would I use??


Wilted Spinach Tofiken Sandwich

So, I experimented with a sandwich idea tonight, and it was so good I had to post the recipe.

2 pieces of bread (preferably a hoagie roll)
1/2 block of Tofu
1/2 c Soy Sauce
1/4 c Vegan Worcestershire Sauce
2 tsp curry
2 tsp Mexican red pepper
1 tsp Kosher salt
1 tsp cracked red pepper
1 c fresh spinach (not frozen)
1/2 c vegan cheddar cheese (shredded)
1/4 c vegetable broth
1/8 bulb garlic/minced
1/2 c nutritional yeast
1/2 c olive oil

1) Take the tofu (after pressing to get some the water out) and cut it into small strips (sorta like bacon) and put it in a pan(nonstick skillet) of heated oil; fry long enough until the tofu starts to brown and add 1/4c soy sauce and a few tsp worcestershire, fry about 1 minute longer, add nutritional yeast and set aside the tofu strips on paper towel to drain/cool.

2) In a frying pan (nonstick), put 1/4c olive oil and heat. Add fresh spinach (make sure it is on a medium heat b/c the spinach is so juicy(water) it may splatter). When spinach starts to wilt add vegetable broth, 1/4c soy sauce, 1tsp worchest. sauce, salt, and pepper. Add minced, fresh garlic. Add the rest of the spices. While still hot add the v.c. cheese to melt and set aside.

3) Toast the bread.

4) Combine tofu and spinach on sandwich. You can serve with Veganaise, but it is absolutely wonderful just by itself. (It can make 2 sandwiches or 1 really big one.)

5) Enjoy.
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