April 21st, 2005

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True vegan "cooking": tossing an assortment of random leftover side-dishes into one bowl and mixing.

Portabello mushrooms, pasta salad (mini-shells, red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes), and chick peas that didn't get used for whatever recipe.


reaaally good seasoning

if anyone wants to spice up some sort of rice or other dish, i just tried this really good seasoning-
it's called "Tony Chachere's More Spice Seasoning" ...it's pretty spicy, i was under the impression that it was creole. it's only ingredients are salt, red pepper, and garlic. sooo good.

A Chocolate Cake Recipe and A Buttermilk Question

Tomorrow I hope to make the cake of my friend's dear, departed Pennsylvania Dutch GrandmotherCollapse )

I looked in the memories for a buttermilk replacement but only found two suggestions. Does anyone have a tried and true replacement, especially one they think might be good in this cake?


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