April 22nd, 2005

Iron chef

So my friends have decided to have an Iron Chef tomorrow night, and today the ingredient was announced, that being avocados

So my question is, does anyone have any good recipies consisting of avocado that are relatively easy to cook (due to limited time) and appealing to vegans and non-vegans (as the winning meal is determined by which one gets eaten quickest but I have to please the carnivores also)

Thanks in advance


This new supermarket just opened by my house and they have these big packages of tofu for fifty cents a piece. So I bought six and I'm going back to buy the rest later. I use the soft tofu with some fruit to make a frozen yogurt type thing, and the firm for faux chicken and stir fry. But does anyone have any other ideas on what to do with tofu? And can you freeze it to make it last longer?

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Hey guys,
I need a few specific suggestions before I fill up my pantry full of vegan food (new to veganism, vegetarian for a few years now). I'm printing out the suggestions for a new vegan to buy right now, but could anyone help me with a few specifics? Suggestions with any of these would be great.
Whats a good, light tasting vegan cereal? (I like my cereal light like corn flakes not super heavy like grape nuts)
Can anyone suggestion some thin and crispy chips? Preferably sour cream flavored?
Also, I'm still learning the specific things to look for with ingredients, I know whey is one to watch out for, are there any other tricky ones I should be very aware of?
Also, I bought some noodles the other day. The brand is Quinoz supergrain pasta, spagetti style. All the ingredients say is "A natural blend of korn flours and quinoa flour". Something weird about that?
OH! I almost forgot, my biggest question, most important. Can you buy canned vegan refried beans? What brand? I'll go nuts without refried beans!
I'm going to try to make strictly vegan fettucini alfredo tonight. I'm a bad cook. Wish me luck!
Oh, and would you suggest the grocery store Whole Foods as a good place to shop for Vegan food? I wish they'd display more about which foods are vegan for idiots like me.
Thanks for your help.
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Vegan Mayo in the UK

I was wondering what brands of vegan mayo people in the UK prefer. I loved Follow Your Heart which I got in the states. Anything like that here?

Also, I loved Earth Balance margarine. So far the margarine I've tried from Fresh & Wild, etc. has been totally horrid, like spreadable plastic. Any suggestions as to specific brands that are good? I don't want to throw away whole tubs of inedible icky stuff.
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3 uses for egg substitutes

I'd like to read the great post again discussing the three uses for eggs and substitutes for each. The three uses were, I think, raising, thickening, and binding.

People seem to always start posts like this by saying, "Excuse me, i looked in the memories but..." I can't say that though, because I don't know what "the memories" are, or where, or how to look in them.

Will someone tell me, please? Thanks!

Mystery vegetable.

I bought a vegetable at the market today and forgot the name by the time I got home. It started with "d" and had five or six letters in it. A friend recognised it from my photos (under the cut) and said it's called something like "doodli", but he can't spell it, so I can't google for it! It's shaped a bit like a large courgette (zucchini), but has a thicker, paler skin. Anyone have a clue what it is, and/or have recommendations on what to do with it? (I do not need to be given suggestions of "go back to the market some time and ask", or "just experiment", because I already thought of those.)

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Not entirely a vegan question, but please bear with me...

I've been invited to a Passover seder tomorrow at a coworker's house. I'm not Jewish, so this is my first Passover seder, and as an Italian I am determined to bring food with me. My coworker gave me the rundown on what foods aren't allowed on Passover (legumes, leavening, rice, corn), and I'm also trying to accomodate the various vegetarian and dairy-free/kosher-keeping people who will be in attendance.

The one thing I could finally come up with is quiche. It's one of the only simple dishes I could think to make which isn't a dessert. The question I have is, what can I use to replace the cheese? Though it's not a vital ingredient, it tastes much better than quiches without cheese, but I can't use anything that's made from soy or rice because neither are Passover-friendly (while rice isn't restricted for all Jews on Passover, this family is Ashkenazi and chooses not to have rice). I'm assuming there aren't any fake cheeses made without soy or rice, but I'm trying to think if there's anything that could replace the flavor or otherwise take the place of cheese. Does anyone have any suggestions?