April 23rd, 2005

Ingredient question:

I'm trying to understand the difference between wheat bran and wheat germ. From what I've been able to google, my understanding is that wheat bran is the outer part of the wheat kernel that is high in fiber but low in nutritional value. And that wheat germ is the inner part of the wheat kernel (without the outer part) that is really high in nutritonal value.

I'm wondering when you would use one instead of the other, and in what type of recipes? I'm also wondering if I can substitute wheat bran in for wheat germ in the How It All Vegan's banana bread recipe?

Thank-you in advance! I hope my question makes sense.
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Stevia recipes?

After some recent tests, I was told by a holistic doctor that I should cut all added sugar (in any form) from my diet. I'm also supposed to be careful with certain fruits and not drink fruit juices or smoothies, because they release fruit sugars into my bloodstream too quickly. I know my body well enough and its reaction to and dependency on sugar to agree, so after I've finished off all of my foods containing added sugar, I will start weaning myself off of the stuff.

The problem is that I love to bake, and I love sweets. The doctor told me that a little indiscretion every now and then is ok (and my father is diabetic, so I've learned from him the principles of eating something high-fibre right before I eat something sugary, which is supposed to lower the impact). But a little indiscretion every now and then is like one or two times a month, and I don't want to give up the joys of regular baking.

Do you have any recipes that involve stevia, or have no added sugar? I think home-made (no sugar added) applesauce would be ok too, as long as I used high-fibre flours. Some fruits in general would probably be ok for sweeteners, as long as I used high-fibre flours. Although one of the fruits I'm supposed to be careful with is bananas (and I won't eat them green!).

I am particularly interested in recipes that include stevia, or tips on how I can modify old recipes to include stevia rather than sugars. I'd like to buy some stevia cookbooks, but I can't afford to do that right now.

Just so you know, I refuse to use Splenda or other sweeteners like that.

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lacrosse season is over (we had our last game today) so monday we're having a picnic on our field as something of a last hoorah. we're all supposed to bring finger foods, but i don't know what to make since none of the other girls are even vegetarian.
cookies or brownies seem like an obvious choice, but is there any REAL food i can make that doesn't use tofu or TVP or anything and that can be made into small servings?