April 26th, 2005

Russian Dishes

I looked in the memories but nothing appealed to me. I need to make a dish for Russian class. Everyone else is making borscht so thats a no go for me, haha. Anyone have any ideas for a Russian dish I can veganize??
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Theatrical Vegan Spam

So I'm in a play, and in one scene, we're all supposed to be eating Spam sandwiches. I've been tasked with finding a replacement filling for myself. So what's vegan and looks like Spam? My only current idea is to use the Lightlife deli slices, which come stacked up and I think if I squared the corners, noone would know the difference. The color is right, anyway. I thought about tofu, but I'm not sure how I'd get it the right color (all the way through), and there won't be much time to prep it, anyway.

I appeal to your collective vegan wisdom! Any ideas? Thanks. :)

[Addendum: Spam comes in a can and is generally sliced into slabs, so the form factor is similar to a slice of tofu. The c olor is a sort of medium pink, like ham, which is, I believe, the main ingredient. I've never actually eaten it myself, but taste is irrelevant, anyway. The omnivores in the cast plan to use a "ham loaf" in place of the Spam, having opted out of a veggie option. I am part-amused, part-chagrined.]

Also, I'm in Boston. So any specific product must be available here, which sadly does narrow things down.


Hi all,

I'm sure I saw a recipe for vegan haggis floating around this community a while back, but I can't find it now, and I have a dare to win. :) Can someone point me to the recipe? Thanks so much.

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I have a quick question that I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to...

Is K-gelatin animal-derived? I'm guessing it probably is, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I'm doing a cooking lesson with kindergartners tomorrow, and we're preparing dirt pudding. The only ingredient I couldn't find veganized was gummy worms, so I had to break down and buy them. I just won't be eating any of them, I guess :) I should have ordered them online ages ago, but, well...I procrastinate!
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Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book questions

I'm working up to hand-making a variety of different breads, and it occurred to me to wonder... has anyone made a systematic attempt at 'veganizing' the methods and recipes in the classic Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book? I'd love to hear how people have done with some of the more involved yeasted breads they present (I prefer to avoid the chemical rising agents, for nutritional reasons).
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Earth Friendly Brownies

I was wondering if anybody knew any good vegan recipes for pot brownies. Can you use margarine instead of butter? Does that taste as good? I really want to make them, but I've got to find a recipe that everyone can enjoy! Any ideas?
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I'm in the process of making some of these vegan sugar cookies  but I find myself out of ener-g egg replacer.  Any suggestions?  I do have apple sauce and tofu, which do you think would work better? Any other suggestions are highly incouraged.
OH CRAP, while we're on the subject, can I replace vegtable shortening with anything? I may just have to find another recipe...