April 28th, 2005

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soft foods

My girlfriend will be visiting me for a couple days next week. She's having dental work done today, and her teeth will still be pretty tender next week. So I'm looking for suggestions on nice, soft foods to cook for her. My ideas so far:

*Lentil-tomato soup

*Stomp Pot (potatoes mashed w/ sauteed garlic and onions and steamed spinach, and topped with chunks of tofu)

*maybe baked yams with ginger-molasses butter...?

I'll probably end up making another kind of soup, too, something lighter than the lentil-tomato, so soup suggestions would be good too. She has told me no rice or other small grain-y things, and pasta only if it's cooked very soft, which, since I'll be eating this too, ehh, I'm not too thrilled with. But any other meal suggestions would be great.

<<killer bunny>>

Quinoa and "refried" beans

Mmm mm. Not quick, but wicked easy, filling, and yummy!

Soak a bag of red beans overnight. Rinse, and boil/simmer for an hour or two until soft.

Rinse 1/3 cup of quinoa, put in small pan with 2/3 cup water, and a dash of garlic and braggs/soy sauce/salt. Bring to a boil, then cover and reduce heat to simmer until water is absorbed.

Drain and rinse beans again. Throw in a few dashes of garlic powder, cayenne, cumin, and braggs/soy sauce/salt. Mash with a potato masher, then transfer to food processor and puree with a bit of water until smooth. I did it in 2 batches, then put in a large bowl with a cover.

When quinoa is done, spoon into a bowl and spoon a generous layer of pureed beans on top. Put the rest of the beans in the fridge to use in future beaniful adventures.

If you have canned beans, about 1/2 a can will probably be enough to puree for a serving. All I have is dry beans, and I wanted extra for later. :)

godless whore

Sicky-be-well soup!

Okay, so I kinda hate it when people post half-assed recipes with no amounts and stuff like that, but that's exactly what I'm doing now X^D All measurements are approximate!

My husband has a pretty bad cold, so i thought I would whip him up a powerhouse soup, chock full of vitamins and spice! It came out DAMN well if I do say so myself! Collapse )
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