April 29th, 2005


The food pyramid

Ok, so it's not totally on topic, but a rather good parody of the new US government food pyramid:

To get back on topic I made some rather nice leftover-burgers; chickpeas, cooked carrots, cooked onions, cooked celery whoozhed together in the blender with some cut up brown bread and linseed. Added to this paste some nutritional yeast, some vegetable bullion and a good handful of chopped chives. Formed into burgers and baked in the oven. Very nice with ketchup.

tofu scramble for cheap hungry students

i just made this with what i had lying around:

1 block tofu
1-2 cloves garlic
vege oil
3 hash brown patties
red cayenne pepper
half tomato

Cook hash brown patties in oven or fry pan

Whilst doing this, heat oil and add garlic in fry pan
Crumble tofu and add
Mash cooked hash browns and add
Put in as much cayenne pepper as desired
add cut up tomato
add basil

eat! doesnt look like much but tastes good and results in not much money spent, or dishes created. add whatever else you have, preferably something green to make it look more appealing
summer city

Avocado oil?

I saw avocado oil at the store today while I was picking up olive oil. Has anyone ever used avocado oil? What does it taste like? Do you know anything about it? It's super expensive but I'm very, very intrigued. If I were to buy it, what kind of cooking would I use it for? I assume frying burgers and that sort of thing might be really tasty, but I have no clue.


cast iron question time!

ok, so a week ago i bought a lodge cast iron skillet!!! i was so excited, but they only had the pre-seasoned kind in stock. i've heard the seasoning on these kind doesn't last long, but the seasoning seems to be coming off already!? (i can see gray appearing on the bottom of it). any ideas about what i should do?

also, i found some older beat-up cast iron pans in my boyfriends apt. but the seasoning on them is flaky and gross looking. is it possible to get the seasoning off them and start over?

i've read about how to season a new pan, but i'm not sure if this will work on these, since they are already somewhat seasoned. any help would be appreciated!!
boom de yada

I ate tofu and now I'm all bloated :(

So today I bought a package of Sol Organic Firm Tofu and used it to make a tofu scramble (from Garden of Vegan, a delicious recipe, I might add!)

But now I'm all bloated and miserable :(

I have IBS, but legumes don't usually do this to me; I tend to eat a lot of chickpeas, kidney beans, and lentils, but I find I have no problems if I just rinse them well. I'm not even certain if soymilk causes me a problem (it might, but I haven't really noticed).

So, question for anyone who might know:

Is there a way I can cook or prepare the tofu to lessen the bloating? Would it help to rinse it before I cook with it?

Any and all relevent comments appreciated. I'd be especially interested in hearing from other people with IBS who eat (or avoid) soy.

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