May 1st, 2005

frozen tomatoes? so strange to discover..

Somehow a bag of two roma tomatoes was accidentally put in my freezer by my boyfriend. They couldn't have been in there more than 24 hours, and yah they're as iced solid.
I've moved them to the fridge, and I'm curious-will these be okay to use in anything still? Would they be alright to cook with?
I'm already counting out eating them raw..


(no subject)

i have been watching this community for a while now and for some reason i just got around to joining now. i have been baking vegan a lot lately, so i feel it is a great time to join and get helpful hints and feedback.
i made a batch of oatmeal raisin cinnamon scones today and they taste wonderful. my first successful vegan pastry bake.
fist question:
i need to know of some good vegan cereals to put in some date balls. every recipe i found called for cereal, and i was wonering what i should use? i have some grape nuts, but i am not sure about the texture of those with date balls.