May 3rd, 2005



okay, so i have little to no experience with cooking, however there is a vegan potluck for the environmental group at my school on wednesday, and i dont wanna show up empty handed. do you guys have something simple (with ingredients i can find in a super market) that could feed like 10 people or so. thanks.

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Okay party people...

I'm a baller on a budget. I already checked the FAQs and didn't find anything that particular suited my situation.

My fiance and I are having a vegetarian and vegan wedding. The only problem is that I live in San Antonio, Texas and I doubt I could get anybody to cater it for cheap. I saw a few good ideas for foodstuffs in this journal, but I'm thinking a Hawaiian Luau or something.

The reception is outside at night in June. All theme ideas and food ideas are greatly appreciated.

And if you have the inside scoop on a wedding cake that is super awesome I will be your best friend!!!!!
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Yesterday i was craving Indian-type food and/or curry so I threw this together & it came out quite good.

one cup of uncooked rice--cook it!
add one can of chickpeas

then, throw in:

about a tablespoon or so of curry (sorry, i don't measure things)
a little turmeric (about an eighth of a teaspoon?)
a little cumin (maybe 1/4 teaspoon)
a pinch of cayenne pepper
& salt to taste


Chocolate-Banana-Nut-Whatever-Bread/Cake Thingy

So I had these two wicked ripe bananas sitting in my fridge, and rather than feeding them to my dog as usual (he's obsessed with bananas), I decided to try my hand at banana bread. Except I have no loaf pan, so banana muffins. Except when I got home from work I realized I had no muffin tin, either (don't know where that went...). So it was more of a small banana cake, really. Except I really didn't have many ingredients, so I found a few recipes in the memories and kinda just made something up from there.

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mothers day ideas.

Yes hello there.

What are you all cooking for your madres this sunday?

I'm thinking I should make some sort of pasta because she doesn't like faux meats or tofu. But she wouldn't like any peanut-sauce or anything on it either so that's a bit boring. So I guess I'm stuck making her spaghetti and tomato sauce unless you guys have any better ideas?

For dessert I'm gonna either make and apple crisp or strawberry cake with chocolate frosting.
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Penne Marinara with Sauteed Leeks and Spinach

I am obsessed with leeks. I love them. I think I've worked them into every dinner I've had for the last week. Tonight I was feeling like pasta, but also like leeks, of course... and maybe some spinach for nutritional bang... toss 'em all together and what do you get? This awesome pasta dish!

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This is a yummmmmmy lasagne recipe for delicious vegetable lasagne. Mmmm... comes highly reccomended as the best lasagne I have ever eaten. The ricotta turns out very good. Recipe by moi.

Ricotta "cheese"
1/2 block extra firm tofu
1 T vegan parmesan
2 T olive oil
2 T Vegenaise
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/2 tsp dried thyme
soy or rice milk
salt and pepper

Break up the tofu into manageable bits and place it into a food processor with the vegan parmesan, olive oil, Vegenaise, garlic, oregano, and thyme. Combine it, using the soy/rice milk to thin it out to the consistency that you like as you go. When it is just about the texture of ricotta cheese, add salt and pepper. Taste it to make sure it tastes right. It will probably need a fair amount of salt. Set aside until you are ready for it.

2 cloves minced garlic
1 carrot, diced
1 cup finely chopped broccoli
1 medium red onion, diced
1 cup sliced mushrooms (whatever kind you want, I used fresh shiitake mushrooms from our weekly produce box. ;) )
a good sized handful of fresh spinach
olive oil
salt and pepper
1 jar of chunky marinara sauce (I used Trader Joe's Chunky Tomato and Herb variety)
ricotta "cheese"
lasagne noodles- however many you need to fill your dish.
medium sized baking dish

Put lasagne noodles on to boil.

First, dice up the broccoli and carrots. Put them in a pan to steam until they are just soft.

Make sure your spinach is washed and dried!

Put a fair amount of olive oil into a heated skillet, and add garlic and onions. Saute until the onions are mostly translucent. Add mushrooms, and continue to saute until they are no longer spongy. You will probably need more olive oil. Turn burner to low and let the mushrooms and onions simmer for about two or three minutes. Add the steamed and well-drained broccoli and carrot mixture and cook for a minute or so, adding salt, pepper, and more oil if necessary, until everything is well mixed and glazey looking.

Begin layering the sauce, drained lasagne noodles, veggies, ricotta "cheese," spinach leaves, and marinara sauce. Do not be afraid to use the garlic powder shaker and olive oil liberally! The top layer should be a layer of noodle, a thin layer of sauce, and a thin layer of ricotta blended somewhat into the sauce to make a good topping material. Drizzle with olive oil, and bake at a medium temp for about forty five minutes. I don't know the exact temp because our oven is broken. :P

Soooooo good.

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hey all, for my first post i hope you don't mind but i'm going to advertise my new community, veganbydefault it's for anyone interested in veganism, people who want to be vegan but need advice (like me)  or for people who are already vegan and want to encourage us beginners to carry on, and give us lovely recipes etc.

please check it out, thanks. if you aren't happy with me posting the banner, let me know and i'll get rid.

mad good salty garlic mashed potatoes

I had a hankering for some homademade mashed potatoes, so I bought a couple of russet potatoes and went to work. I'm pretty sure everyone knows how to make mashed potatoes, but I'll add this part of the instructions in, just in case. Bring pot of water to a rolling boil. Peel and slice potatoes in chunks. Boil the tatoes until they are easily pierced with a fork, and then drain. Mash potatoes down with a potato masher. Now for the fun part. Add enough milk and margarine to get it to the texture you want. Mix in as much minced garlic as you prefer, and then stir in enough soy sauce to get the potatoes to turn into a pale beige color. Darker if you want it saltier. It's so flavorful, I didn't need any kind of gravy.
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hi all, my old roommate used to make homemade yogurt using just a spoonful of yogurt and soymilk. it went something like this:

-sterilize glass jars by boiling
-pour soymilk in jars and stir(?) in a spoonful (how much exactly?) of plain yogurt (i recall that it had to have bacterial cultures in it or it didn't work - so she actually had to use non-vegan yogurt just for this part.. after, she was able to make more yogurt by using the previous batch she had made)
-put in oven at a very low temperature (what temp exactly?) for several hours (how long exactly?) voila! yogurt!

i'd like to make some. does anyone have an exact recipe that is easy like this? i think she got hers from the new farm cookbook, though i may be wrong about that.




i have read somewhere (i don't recall where) that quinoa is really good for you, like it has lots of amino acids or something along those lines...
so i am trying to incorporate more into my diet.
the only way i can think of to eat it is in a quinoa-based tabouleh.
does anyone have any other suggestions or quinoa recipes?

also, what is the best way to cook quinoa?
i've made it twice now, and the first time it messed up even though i followed the directions on some website i found (not enough water i think)
the 2nd time i made it, it seemed like maybe there was too much water and it was really... kind of... mooshy? sticky? not sure how to describe it... alost gelatinous..