May 5th, 2005


fish sauce?

i was wonderin if anyone had a good recipe for a fish sauce [for thai recipes mainly] substitute. i've heard light soy sauce+some oyster sauce works, but anyone have any better ideas [just out of curiousity]? many thanks =]



my friend is having a b-day party this friday, and she has noted in the past that she quite likes cheezecake.
so i'd like to make her one! but i don't have any recipes :(

please send recipes my way!
pretty please?

how do i make a boy chubby again?!

hello. this isn't specifically related to 'cooking', precisely, but i have a friend who has recently become a vegan, more-or-less and he has simultaneously started exercising a whole lot more (riding his bike) and this has had the concerning (though not so surprising) side effect of leading him to lose a WHOLE LOT of weight.

he's getting worried and talking about eating dairy again (though he's not particularly keen on the idea) and so i was wondering if anyone here knows how to, well basically how to fatten someone up in a healthy way?!

i'm thinking about carbohydrates and protein. he already eats A LOT of carbs though, but perhaps they are the wrong sort (he eats a lot of wholemeal bread and white rice, mostly)??

does anyone know WHAT SORT of carbs and protein are best and if there is anything else to concentrate on?

burrito goodness...

I have just eaten the most incredible burrito. It's super easy to make too.

1. Bake a potato and slice it into sections (i like the coarse chunks, you can adjust this to your prefrence)
2. Place the chunks in the middle of a tortilla (I live in new mexico, i don't know how readily avalible these are)
3. Sprinkle soy cheese on top (however much you put on is your call)
4. Add a good dollop of 505 Salsa (I think this might be chile will work as will just about any green salsa)
5. Microwave 30-45 seconds or until "cheese" is melted
6. Add guacomole, wrap it up and enjoy!

I would have taken pictures but it was so damn good I ate it before I had the chance.

(no subject)

Hello all, first post...

Well, there's this little vegan cafe in a city near my town...and they make THE most amazing bbq tofu sandwiches. I've been craving one for a while, but I don't go into the city often as it's an hour away.

So..I was wondering if any of you had really good bbq tofu recipes? Preferably pretty easy ones...I'm not used to cooking with tofu yet...but I hope to expand my horizons.

Also, I bought a box of Fantastic Foods' Tofu Scrambler and I can't wait to try it, but I noticed today that I bought firm tofu to go in it instead of extra firm tofu. Will I still be able to make the scramble with the firm tofu without it ending up like mush? I'm very weird about the texture of my food..

Thanks in advance...I really like this community!

Sprout help

I've been sprouting some broccoli seeds this week (it's my first time, I'm using the jar/cloth method), and I'm having just one problem. Maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of the seeds have sprouted so far and are fairly long, some of them are just starting and some haven't even sprouted at all. If it was just a few, I wouldn't be worried, but there are a lot of them that haven't sprouted. Could I be doing something wrong? Could the seeds just be bad?