May 6th, 2005


Lamingtons are some traditional australian dessert thing and i badly wanna make em!!!!
i tried last night but i failed very very miserably.
What they basically are:
sponge cake squares dipped in runny chocolate sauce then rolled in coconut.
i tried a recipe for sponge cake in one of LEah Leheman cookbooks.
SO, does anyone know of any succcesful lamington recipes or sponge cake recipes???

One year anniversary

Hey, everyone!

My 1-year vegan anniversary is coming up in two weeks. I was just wondering if you guys had any ideas on how I should celebrate? Any amazing recipes I should try out or a great cake I could bake for myself?


(no subject)

I was going to make my mom some lemon bars using this recipe, unless anyone knows of a better one? I might even put the filling in between two heart cut-out cookies with a smaller heart cut out of the one on top (sorta like those La Madeline Valentine's Day cookies, but with lemon filling).

My question is... I've always used lemon juice instead of real lemons, and I don't have any special tools to get the zest or juice out. Should I just squeeze them with my hands? I want to get the right amount out. Can anyone give me some tips? Thanks in advance!