May 8th, 2005

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egg roll wrappers

Before I went vegan, I used to make some awesome egg rolls using Nasoya (I think) egg roll wrappers, cabbage, and seasoning. Unfortunately, the wrappers have egg whites. Boo! Does anyone know of a brand of wrappers or have a link to a recipe so I can make some? Thanks.

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my friend's birthday is next sunday and I need to make her a cake..
I was thinking of trying one of the recipes of a the Sinfully Vegan cookbook..
but I don't know which one..

has anyone tried any of them?
or does anyone have a different recipe for a cake that they just adore?
I want to blow everyone away with this.
thank you.
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powdered sugar??

can i make powdered sugar in a blender if i dont have a food processor? if so do i use whatever amount of sugar the recipe calls for or does it make more?


making cupcakes for my mom for mother's day
boom de yada


I just bought a package of "Punjabi Spice" flavoured papadums.

Now, I have had papadums plenty of times before and generally I find them quite delicious. But this particular flavour is PAINFULLY SEARING HOT OWWWWW.

Way too hot/spicy for my poor tastebuds.

Is there a dip or something I can make to try to counter the hotness so that it's not painful to eat them? Or should I try to find a masochistic adventurous friend to take them?

Chai tea

Hey =)

I used to drink chai tea sometimes at festivals and things where they sell it, but now i dont becuase of it having milk in it. Do any of you make your own soy chai? I've had chai tea bags, which are no where near as good as the fresh stuff. Does anyone have a recipe? I've never made chai before at all, but i really want to.

Thanx :)

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i would like to try the quiche recipe on the back of the ener-g egg replacer box tomorrow night. does anyone have any quiche pointers? i would like to make it a little more interesting than just throwing some rice milk, egg replacer and veggies in a pie crust. would it ruin the effect of the egg replacer to toss some seasoning in the milk egg replacer mix before it is poured over the veggies?
i have not been cooking large meals for very long, let alone vegan ones, so i just want to spice things up without throwing everything off. sorry if some of these questions seem stupid.
i see you.

vegan/gluten-free desserts

alright i got a challange for all you serious bakers out there.
i need to make a vegan gluten-free (no flour, oats, millet, wheat) dessert for a potluck this week.
im racking my brain and ive got some creative idea. but i really dont want to show up with an experiement in my hands. i kind of want to make something appetizing.

any ideas?
pook and bert

Oh Birthday Cake

My dad's birthday is on Thursday. My mom wants to bake him a cake, but his current health issues have made finding a recipe impossible so far. Here's the deal, he can't have oil or anything high in iron. We were thinking a raw foods cake might work, except that the base obviously couldn't be dried fruit (because of the high iron content). He's a vegan super dad, and my mom and I would love to bake him something spectacular.

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I bought Smart Balance at the grocery the other day, after putting it in my noodles, I was glancing at the back, again, and I saw that son of a bitch, whey had snuck in there.
It's BRAND NEW! I am so angry. I don't want to throw it out because I hate being wasteful. I am going to finish it off and just stay away from now on.

How do the rest of you do with secret ingrediants? Do you use the food, or toss it?