May 11th, 2005

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Hi everyone! I looked around in the memories, but couldn't really find a specific answer to my question.
I just bought pre-packaged fried tofu from a Japanese market, and was wondering if there were any specific ways to cook it since it's already been fried?
Any suggestions for delicious recipes to use it in?
Thanks so much!
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what goes with rissoto?

so i am cooking dinner tonight for my meat lover roomates. i am determined to turn them on to at least vegetarian cooking. i am making a tomato rissoto, but thats only as a side. what can i make with that for a main course that they would like? they are scared of things like fake meats, so id rather stick to a veggie only meal...i am also not the most experienced cook out there. any suggestions would be great. thanks :)

flax seed meal vs flax seed powder?

edit: someone pointed me to this post. so it seems like other people have had problems with the sinfully vegan cookbook's flax powder ingredient. anybody found a solution? i was thinking of making flax eggs according to another cookbook i have which is 1/4 cup flax seeds ground up with 3/4 cup water + 2 tbsp water. and then just measuring out however much the sinfully vegan recipe calls for.

hello. :)
i was looking through the saved memories about flax and i didn't find quite what i was looking for... thus i am asking this question and hopefully someone can help me out. :)

so i just bought my first vegan cookbook. it's actually a dessert cookbook. ;) the first thing i decided to make was brownies, and they called for flax powder. i couldn't find flax powder, but i found flax seed and flax meal. so i bought the flax meal and i just used that without grinding it up anymore than it was (it's not very finely ground).

so what i'm wondering is... will this make a big difference? i guess i should grind up the flax meal really fine if it calls for powder? when i mixed the flax meal with water it didn't really mix or thicken or do whatever it was supposed to do (i'm not sure what it was supposed to do.)

the other question... when i was looking around on the internet, it seemed like people thought it was better to buy flax seed and then grind it up when you need it. agree/disagree?

i just ground up some of the flax meal in my blender. i've got it a lot finer now but not quite a powder.
i don't want to waste the bag of flax meal i have now, so i guess i'll just grind it up as i need it. but in the future, i'm not sure what to buy.
thanks for any help. :)

Flourless chocolate cake?

I once had flourless chocolate cake, and remember it being simple delicious!
...but it seems that eggs are the main ingredient, and I don't know if it is something that can be veganized. Has anybody had a vegan flourless chocolate cake, or do you have any other recipes?

This one was in the memories, butI was wondering if anyone else has actually tried it?

Vegan Kids & Nuts

Hello........I am considering introducing my 16 mo old to nut butters and almond milk but was wondering before I did this if any other parents out there introduced their children to nuts before 3. I have read so many conflicting things about intorducing them to nuts (not whole nuts as I know they are a choking hazard) before 3...some say DON'T DO IT due to allergies......and others say there should be no problem with it if you just do thin layers when it comes to the butters and watch for signs of allergies (no one in my family or his dad's family have allergies to nuts as far as I am aware.)

If anyone has info or advice it would be most appreciated.

***I am posting this question here as I saw a past baby food question get quite a bit of replies.....and I have yet to find a veggie or vegan parents/children's group on LJ.....if this doesn't belong here I apologize.
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Evaporated Milk???

Okay so i'm doing this vegan bake off thing on friday, and i really really want to use my grandmas recipe for Mounds cake (well the filling, i will use my own frosting and cake recipe). It's very easy to convert, the only problem is, it calls for evaporated Milk, now i've never worked with stuff and really don't know anything about it (i'm trying to get a hold of my sister to ask if it's really that much thicker). This is the recipe
!/2 cup evaporated milk
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup margarine
1 1/2 cups coconut

In a small pan over medium heat, heat milk, brown sugar and margarine until it melts and boils. Reduce heat to low, and cook for 2 more minutes, remove from heat and allow to cool.

Now since it's cooked, in my head i think that just using regular full fat soymilk should work fine. In actuality this probably is'nt the case. So a couple questions, 1) has anyone ever replaced evaporated milk, and if so what (it's not the same as condensed milk, i think) 2) would adding a bit of cornstarch work well enough to keep the filling stable? 3) would soy creamer be think enough?

I'm really set on making this recipe, as it is one of my favorites (with yummy chocolate frosting, and the chocolate cake from sinfully vegan that using soy mayo, that i hopes turns out gooood), so any help will deifnitly be appreciated!

EDIT: Okay i just found a recipe on the white wave site, and it requires cooking it over low heat for 15-20 minutes, ie likely to burn on my friends unreliable stoves, i think my best bets are substitutions, so umm help :)
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math confuses me.

so i'm making the anything cookies in the soy not oi cookbook, it calls for a "cube of soy margarine" ... i havea container of earth balance... does anyone know what the measurement is that i should use?? i'm thinking maybe it means a stick of soy margarine but i still don't know what the equivalent would be... guh.
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Cashew Curry

Today, I came across this recipe for cashew curry and I find it very, very tempting. But there’s a problem: I’ve no idea what two of the ingredients are! Does anyone of you know what »curry leaves« and »chiles« are? It is possible to substitute them and if so, what with? Thank you very much!

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almond gravy

I live in Portland, Or and frequent a place called the Paradox. They have the most amazing biscuits and almond gravy. I would do anything for an almond gravy recipe but I can't find one. Does anyone out there have one? It might not be the same but I want to try!
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Almond butter and fudge?

What can I do with almond butter besides sandwiches and waffles?

Also, whenever I TRY to make fudge, it always turns out funny. I use a basic peanut butter, confectioner's sugar, cocoa powder recipe, but it ends up where it's basically just harden sugar that melts in yr mouth (something like cotton candy, except more solid, if that makes sense). Is this just how vegan fudge is supposed to taste?
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Snack of great awesomeness:
Garden of Eatin' brand "Little Soy Blues" chips; Organic blue corn tortilla chips with soy
I just discovered these, along with their vast line of chips and stuff.. *in love* :D
Get some roasted garlic hummus, and salsa... dip and enjoy thoroughly!

Update: found their site!