May 12th, 2005

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brown sugar replacement

I've been using recipes from How It All Vegan to make treats for my son, but I don't like to use brown sugar because he has had problems with his teeth. I have been replacing the regular sugar with Splenda, and I was wondering if there was a good substitute for the brown sugar. It seems to bind the recipe together, like it caramelizes or something. I thought about maybe adding some more oil, but don't want to make the cookies or whatever too unhealthy. Thanks.

flax, flax powder, flax meal, flax eggs.

i posted a question earlier today about flax powder vs flax meal. i made the "i can't believe they're not sinful brownies" from the sinfully vegan cookbook today, twice. the first time i made them with flax meal. then when i started researching about flax i realized that maybe there was a pronounced difference between the effects of flax meal vs flax powder. so i went and found the powder. i made the brownies again. and they turned out virtually the same.

so i guess the brownies were supposed to be the way they are. but it makes me worry about the other recipes in the cookbook! =/ somebody please tell me that there are other good recipes in sinfully vegan! not that the brownie recipe is horrible, it just didn't wow me.

another thing i'm curious about is flax eggs.
the sinfully vegan cookbook doesn't say to let the flax powder and water sit for any amount of time before adding it to the mixture, but maybe this would make a difference to let it thicken? i let it sit for 5 minutes maybe.

sinfully vegan says 2 tsp flax powder + 1/2 cup water. and i guess this = 2 eggs?
and then another cookbook i have (rebar modern food cookbook) says 1/4 cup flax seeds ground up + 3/4 cup and 2 tbsp of water.

so it just seems like the proportions are different. it makes me wonder what would happen if i used rebar's standard for flax eggs, in the sinfully vegan recipe for brownies. seems like there is way too much water in the sinfully vegan flax eggs.

oh vegan cooking, how you confuse me.
(this is my first attempt at a vegan dessert/treat, or really anything with the intention of being vegan and not just vegetarian.)

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is rice milk bad for cats?

theres a stray (i think) that lives around our house and is wants something from me. probably cat's food but i dont have that.

i know waters ok, but what about rice milk?

this is a cooking community soo...
i found some cheap ramen. i used the noodles and mixed in some miso soup and veggies instead of the prepackaged seasoning. im not too sure about the noodles, is carboard vegan?

seitan spices

so i'm making setian using the recipe from vegan vittles, and it calls for 'desired herbs & spices (optional)' ... this is on top of garlic and onion powder.

so i know this isn't a main ingredient, and isn't at all necassary, but i was curious about what spices you guys like to throw into home made seitan.