May 13th, 2005

biscuits that dont rise

Hi everyone,
I attempted this
recipe from "lonelysound" for making biscuits, & they didnt rise. I was careful not to overmix, but I did use kosher salt instead of table salt. I used vegetable shortning. Furthermore, I used Silk soymilk for the "milk". Do you think that either of these contributed to my problem? The biscuits were yummy anyway -- flat, but very flaky & great. It'd just like fluffly ones, too.
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On the ferry

Mmmm, tofu spread...

This is modeled after the marvelous tofu spreads I used to get at the San Francisco Street Bakery in Olympia. For my first trick I went for the sun-dried tomato, but I was also rather fond of their kalamata-olive-walnut and their garden vegetable, which will be explored in due time.

Anyway, tired of hummus? Sick of shelling out tons of money for pre-made dip/spreads or fake meats? Don't have access to vegan cream cheese for your bagel? Want something fancy to put out with crackers when you have guests over?

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i need some easy recipes for this week.
i have an unopened pack of TVP that i would like to try out.
keep in mind that i have IBS so all recipes need to be low fat, low oil and generally IBS friendly.
i have all kinds of ingredients and i am going to Whole Foods tomorrow to do some serious shopping.
things that can be stored and eaten a few days in a row are a plus.