May 15th, 2005

cooking with free food?

hey, so i'm moving in two weeks and have been avoiding grocery shopping for the last month or so to force myself to consume all the weird food in the back of my cupboard but basically, the weird food is generally all gone by now and i don't wanna go shopping for more food that i'm jsut gonna throw out or have to give away for only two weeks but...

so today, a friend of mine who's going home for the summer just gave me a bunch of the random food she had left over and i'm quite excited to have real food and wanna make something (or several things) with it that's more than just heating it on the stove or whatever since i'm getting so sick of just having random heated up cans of food

so basically, i was hoping some of you all could help me come up with some ideas of things i could make with the stuff she gave me:

a big thing of "light brown" basmati (sp?) rice
several cans of black beans
a can of carrots
two things of hummus
a jar of red curry paste
soy sauce
a can of mixed fruit
some miso (the stuff that's like a paste)
a box of macaroni noodles
a jar of tomato/pasta sauce
(i think that's it for what she gave me aside from the candy--i know what to do with that:) )

other things i still have include--several carrots, cocoa powder, flour, sugar (brown, white, confectioners), baking powder/soda, ener-g egg replacer, most of the spices, some boulian/soup base type stuff (i have some that's a paste and some that's a powder), um, er, any other baking stuff i'm forgetting about--i'm probably forgetting some stuff but i think that's about i

any ideas of different stuff i could make (easy-ish and enough for leftovers and kinda fun is a plus!)?


One of the Best Things I've Ever Made.

I'm a pretty good cook, and I generally cook pretty freakin' awesome food. I made BBQ Ribs from the Original Farm Cookbook last night. They looked pretty gross, and my girlfriend was bitching about how she was going to order food b/c she didn't want to eat them. As I had them halfway pulled out the oven to put the BBQ sauce on top, she reached around me and snagged one off the tray. and then she snagged another. And Another. Then I took a bite. Then they didn't go back in the oven.

They're amazing. The recipe makes a lot, but if you're like me, you won't stop eating them and word will spread and five friends will casually stop by to eat a lot as well.

They look and taste, well, like chicken. Mmmmm. Also, I made the *amazing* bbq sauce from pasta sauce.

Also, this if my first ever success with seitan. I rock, and so does this recipe.

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I just tried tomato soup a few weeks ago and kind of liked it, but I wanted to make it myself instead of from a can. I looked around some other sites and in the archives on here, but every tomato soup had other things in it. I just want plain tomato soup. I'm sure it's ridiculously easy to make, but I just wanted a recipe for it.

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Today I got a delivery from my CSA, and it included the following:

*radishes w/tops
*mixed greens

Give me something fabulous to make for dinner! These are pretty much the only veggies I have in the house except some carrots and an avacado. I also have some beans and other basics. You fantastic vegan chefs, tell me what to cook! I'm counting on you :)

Vegan Cake Disaster

Hello all :)
Im just "turning" vegan. (and loving it!) However, I previously baked and decorated cakes as a side job for cash. Obviously, I've stopped this while converting to veganism. I saw a post a few days ago about making vegan cake. (S)he suggested mixing Duncan Hines (sp?) prepackaged mix & a 12 oz. soda, & baking it. I thought that this would be a nice, easy, and relatively risk-free recipe to try. I followed these directions, and created a monster! Any idea what I did wrong?
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So, what do you vegan-expert-chefs think? ;D
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Coffee Almond Chocolate Chip Biscotti

This evening I felt like a different and more mature type of cookie, so I decided to make biscotti. 
  Using leftover Organic spring mix coffee grinds that my boyfriend decided where no longer fresh enough to make coffee with, I altered the following recipe from for the beloved cranberry orange biscotti by Lois that I've seen mentioned around here before too:

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