May 16th, 2005


make yer own damn enchilada sauce!

Just realized this recipe is vegan. i posted it as a comment to the entry below with the enchilada recipe. i apologize for the no measurements, but as this entry explains, this is a family recipe i got from a mexican woman i work with--her mama never measured a damn thing!

to make your own enchilada sauce:

(i got this recipe from a mexican woman i work with, it's been passed down through her family, so of course there are no accurate measurements, i apologize)...

pour a lot of chile powder (red), or soaked & chopped red chile pods into your blender (as she describes it, up to about the "first line" in the blender--up to a cup of chile.)
add 4 to 6 cloves of minced garlic, and salt to taste
fill the blender the rest of the way up with hot water.

blend well.

in a large saucepan over medium-high heat, combine the blended mixture with "a big ladelful" (remember, this is a family recipe) of oil (i use canola because it's so much oil). EDIT: I forgot: add 2 tablespoons of flour as well at this point. STIR CONSTANTLY until sauce is thick and smooth.

then use that in your enchiladas, instead of a can!

i have used this on several occasions and it is delicious--spicier and tastier than the canned stuff. i always use chile powder rather than the pods, because the pods are a lot of work. but it is still delicious!! i usually use a lot of salt.

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Can anyone recommend a good vegan baking book?

Cooking is great and all, but my passion is with baking! I'd like a book that not only includes recipes, but the breakdown of why certain ingredients work as substitutes for others, or just other information as far as baking goes. I ordered a book from sweet nothings, but after looking on amazon it doesn't seem like I can find much else thats worth getting. Anyone have any good suggestions?

Palm Desert Date Shake

when i was visiting palm springs and palm desert, i noticed that a lot of the places had signs advertising 'date shakes' but i assumed they were made with ice cream or something so i didn't attempt to try one. then i came home and was flipping through my Native Foods restaurant cookbook and found a recipe for a Palm Desert Date Shake. if any of you ever get the chance to visit a Native Foods restaurant, DO IT! it's so fucking amazing. anyawy, the date shake was a delightful surprise. it was the yummiest and easiest shake i've ever had!

throw all this stuff in a blender:
8 dates, pitted (helps to chop a bit before throwing them in)
1 cup soy milk
1 Tbsp raw almonds (also chop)
1/4 cup orange juice
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup crushed ice
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tofu and soy in general

is there any recommendations on how often you're supposed to eat soy? i know that it, like everything else, isn't something you're supposed to eat for every meal. lately though, i've felt like i don't know how to cook without soy! i eat way too much tofu and tvp and way too little vegetables. i'm making the same meals over and over. and yes, they're really good, but something new would be nice. i'd love some suggestions for non soy recipes, or that only has a little bit of it. it's not that i can't eat it, i would just like a little variation.
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Peanut Butter Oatmeal & Apple Custard Bars

These were my entry for this weeks vegan_cookoff, and I just had some with chocolate tofutti, and OMG soooo decadent... I had to share!

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Peanut Butter Oatmeal & Apple Custard Bars

Cookie Layer:
1 cup Whole Wheat Flour
1 cup Oatmeal
1/2 cup Vegan Sugar
1/3 cup Ground Flax Seeds
1 1/2 cups Peanut Butter
3 T Margarine
1/4 tsp almond extract
1 tsp cinnamon
1 T cocoa powder (optional)

Custard Layer:
1/2 package (about 2/3 cup) Pete's Berry flavored Silken Tofu
2 Organic Red Delicious Apples, cored and sliced
2 T Vegan Sugar
2 T Corn Starch

Preheat oven to 350° F. In a large bowl, mash together cookie layer ingredients until well mixed and not curmbly. (I used a potato masher.) Press 3/4 of dough into an 8x8" baking pan. Poke all over with a fork to ensure proper meshing of layers. (not totally necessary)

In a food processor, combine custard ingredients, blend until smooth. Pour over bottom cookie layer, then gently crumble remaining cookie dough over top. Pat down lightly.

Bake for 23 minutes, or until custard layer seems firm. Cool, cut, and enjoy!

The cookie layer is very rich, and the custard layer is very light. A tasty contrast!

My omni parents enjoyed it with vanilla ice cream, too! :)

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I wanted to prepare a meal for my son's father when he comes into town this week that would be extra, extra special. I was looking through Martha Stewart's Living magazine, and came across recipes for an entire meal! I thought you all may be interested in it.

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Broiled Black-Pepper Tofu, Soy-Lemon Dipping Sauce:

Image hosted by

Soba Noodles with Vegetables & Mint, Baked Apricots with Almond Topping:

Image hosted by

I am going to test this out on Thursday. I will take photos and make sure to give you guys feedback on these recipes!

Now! I have a question. Thursday is also my son's first birthday. I was wondering if any of you have any recipes for a vegan birthday cake and icing? I would really love your ideas, your feedback, and if you have kids, what you did for them on their first birthday! Thanks for so much!


active yeast packets and no soy meals

Recipes using packets of active yeast?

AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, my mom is out of town the next few days, and when she's gone my dad, for some reason, likes cooking with lots of cheese and milk and butter and, you know. Dairy.
So I need recipes to give him that aren't blatantly vegan (ie, NO SOY OR TOFU OR TVP OR NUTRITIONAL YEAST OR ANYTHING) and ones where it's absolutely impossible for him to use butter and milk. Because believe me, he'll try to cook everything he can in butter.

I've been vegan for the past three days (yeah, big deal, but my record is two) and I don't want to screw things up by having my dad cook something dumb. My mom already said I couldn't be vegan when I asked her, but she basically told me to not eat anything I didn't want to. However, my dad would start making cheese enchiladas and ordering pizza a lot more if he knew what I was trying.

Thank you for any help!
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Okay, when I interned at Farm Sanctuary (Watkins Glen NY), there was a health food store in town that sold a delicious vegan jerky. I don't know what it's called, but they sold it in bulk, and it was like round disks of chewiness. Sort of reminds me of TVP chunks but I'm not actually sure if that is what it is or not.

Anyhow, I tried making my own jerky using the tofu jerky recipe from Garden of Vegan. But instead of chewy brown circles of jerky, I ended up with weird chewy black strips. It wasn't the colour or texture or flavour I was going for at all.

So, I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with the sort of soy jerky I got from the health food store, and does anyone have a recipe for that? Thanks!

Indian Food Cook Books? UK Vegans--help!

I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a cookbook with vegetarian Southern Indian dishes? I know a lot of Indian food is not vegan, but I was hoping to veganize some of the recipes if I could find a cookbook.

I just moved to London, and since my vegan staples of certain favorite Japanese & Mexican dishes aren't really available here, I need other ideas.

I'm new to Indian (Asian) spices and modes of preparation, so I would need a very basic intro-- maybe with pictures so I could identify spices-- yeah, I really need a newbie guide! Even websites would help.

Also, has anyone used the "Vegetarian Ghee" that comes in a tub and is sold as "shelf stable"-- is it vegan? Does it need refrigeration after opening, or is it like shortening? Is it already "clarified"?

Thanks for any help in this matter!
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General Tso's Tofu!

I made the General Tso's Tofu. At first I thought I fucked it up really badly, but I didn't!! (I'm trying to improve my cooking!) This recipe: Image hosted by Collapse ) My [omnivore] mother and brother loved it! I am pretty satisfied with the way it turned out. Thanks for everyone's help with the egg replacer, and the *minced ginger.
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Okay so I know that I posted like half an hour ago, but I JUST discovered that I have two bags of plain quaker oatmeal rice cakes sitting on top of the fridge. Instead of going out and buying rice puff cereal, can I just crumble the cakes up to make rice krispies treats (with peanut butter)?

ps- I swear I have recipes/pictures to post!

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Anyone have anything on vegan cheese wontons?? The fried cream cheese/crab filled Chinese treat? My boyfriend wants me to make him some. I saw some vegan wonton wraps, I'm just unsure about the cream cheese/crab fillings.
I didn't see anything on or in the memories.

( I think they are also called "rangoo" )