May 18th, 2005

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A while ago, I had this recipe for a vegan pie-ey deal.. but I don't know what I did with it.. does anyone have something like this that sounds familiar?
A graham cracker or choclate pie crust..
A bag of carob chips..
One or two cubes of tofu.. (the recipe measured it in grams..)
And.. um.. you just.. melted the chips and blended it up and stuff.

I always added extra, but the recipe itself was very basic.. any ideas?

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i bought baked marinated tofu today and i have a question.
it is baked and cut into large strips. should i drain it like i would regular tofu? i would think that i would lose a lot of flavor if i do that.

2 recipes: Mango Salsa and Guacamole

Heya folks, I have been long absent from this community but am excitedly living with vegetarian and vegan roommates again and can't wait to cook up a storm!
Since summer is rolling in, I wanted to post my favourite lazy-day hot weather recipes. Dips and salsas are a staple of my summer diet.

This is a recipe I made up once off the top of my head and has been a hit at every potluck it's attended with me. Mangoes and cilantro were meant to go together.

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And for the guacamole... a friend's grandmother asked me for my recipe, which I take as a sign of deep approval :) I'm usually raiding everyone's grandmothers!

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black eyed pea salad

black eyed pea salad:

2 cans (precooked) black eyed peas, one drained, one semi drained if you don't have veganaise
1 red or green pepper or both!, diced
2 tomatos, cored/seeded, diced
1 small onion
1/2 cucumber, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced (optional)
juice of 1 lime (also optional, gives it a nice spark tho)
maybe two tablespoons of olive oil (if you aren't using veganaise)
some oregano, salt, basil, pepper

mix everything together. add spices to taste. chill and eat! my mom used to make this all the time, she used about a tablespoon of mayo to keep it all together, i don't have any veganaise so i just partially drained one of the cans and drizzled some olive oil over everything which works fine. i didn't use the garlic either. it's a good quick meal to make and refreshing during the summer... which san francisco doesn't seem to have hah. it's also really cheap, i got all the ingriedients minus the olive oil and spices for six bucks!
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Tofulo Wings!

So today I was kinda craving Buffalo chicken wings, and threw this together. It could probably use some improvement, but it's something to work with, at least.

1 block extra firm tofu, frozen and thawed and cut into cubes, then tossed in a baggie with a few tablespoons of cornstarch and flour.

Then I fried the cubes until browned and tossed them in a sauce. (The texture would probably have been better had I pressed the tofu also)


About 1/4 cup margarine melted with not-quite 1/4 cup Frank's Red Hot Sauce.

Here is a link to a craptastical webcam photo of dinner.
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Oh man these tamales are tasty!

I didn't really use measurments, but my process was this-

first I put corn husks in a big bowl and poured a pot of boiling water over them and let them soak (about an hour and a half)

while those soaked I diced up a small ammount of red pepper and minced a clove of garlic and sauteed them until the pepper was soft and then threw in half a block of crumbled pressed tofu and cooked it with a bit of spike and garlic salt. then I put in a package of soyrizo and cooked it all and adjusted seasoning til it was good (I added a bit of veggie broth to keep it moist)

Then I let it hang out for a bit while I prepared the corn part of the tamales.

I put about four scoops of masa harina for tamales (probably abouuuuut a cup each) into a big bowl. then I put probably close to half a cup of vegan margerine in and then the liquids. I really don't have a measurment for you there.

I used about half of a can of red enchalada sauce and then the rest of the liquids were probably 20%corn oil and 80%vegetable broth.

I also added a small (drained) can of corn to this and some cumin seeds

after I'd added enough liquid to pull it together (the guidelines I was reading said the consistency of thick peanutbutter) I let it sit for a while and then re adjusted the liquid. I had to add more, but if it seems gooshy to you, add some more flour.

by this time you should have already decided what else you want in it.

I just put pieces of mild green chilies, a small piece of carrot, and a sprig of cilantro. when I was in Mexico my host mother put in potato and olives too

I already knew how to wrap them, but if you don't, check out this site- "My Hot Tamale"

Questions on mead

I thought I remembered something here on what is in mead, but I couldn't quite remember if it was here or one of the Pagan communities, so I'm just checking this out. What is in mead, exactly? Was it my imagination, or was there egg in there someplace?
If it can be made vegan friendly, can you possibly make it non-alcoholic? I'm curious.


So I had this AMAZING vegan coleslaw at a big potluck event.  unfortunatly, i forgot to ask the recipe.  it had raisians in it though.

I had never had vegan or non vegan coleslaw before, so i'm having a hard time knowing how to recreate it.  i did find this recipe online though....

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so how does this recipe look to you guys?  any other suggestions or ideas?