May 19th, 2005


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I think I should tell you how I make refried beans too. since they are delicious.

so if you want them to be from scratch scratch, make yourself some pinto beans first.

so wash em off, soak them for a long time, wash them again, and then cook them for a few hours til they are soft.

then drain most of the water and in a pan heat some oil and a minced clove of garlic (I got a garlic press recently, and I'm in love)

heat that up and throw in some cumin seeds.

get it hot, but not smoking or deep frier hot. but ya know, hot.

and throw in your beans (or, if they are from a can, drain off most of the liquid and toss em in. sometimes I wash them off again)

cook this for a bit and stir it around and start mashing the beans with a fork.

add some veggie broth, a small squirt of katchup. a little bit of garlic salt and a tiny bit of boulion cube (or not, if its not convenient)

ya know, spice it up how you like it. I like taco seasoning in bulk so I can sprinkle it in.

add a splash of water when it gets too thick and stir it up and youre done.

and they are delicious.

I used to always wonder how to make them.
pook and bert

Vegan Cheeeze

A few things:

Has anyone tried the new Wildwood vegan cream cheese? They make my favorite soy yogurt, tofu and soy milk so it's gotta be good, right???

What's the secret behind the perfect vegan grilled cheese? What temperature do you set your burner to and how much soy butter (or oil?) do you use? I just made one a moment ago and while it was damn tasty, I couldn't get all the soy cheese to melt before the soy butter burned up. I had it on a low heat and even covered the darn thing for a while. It seems I can only get all the cheeze to melt when I make the sandwich in the toaster oven. One thing I did do today that was so freaking good was I sauteed some ripe tomatoes in the soy butter with balsamic vinegar and dried basil. Despite the not-quite-melted cheeze, the tomatters made this sandwich super yum.

My one year old kitten is becoming a fussy eater. One day he's madly in love with a certain food and the next he never wants to see it again. I suspect he's pulling the old "If I starve myself, she'll buy me such and such" game because he's not acting sick and does eat eventually (at night). I'm going to get his current favorite food (the one I ran out of yesterday) and see if that will get him to eat more. My kitten still eats meat, but he is also quite fond of squash and roots. He also loves tofurky and soy cheese, although I don't him either often at all. Does anyone have any vegan kitty treat recipes that they would like to pass along to me? I've heard a lot of cats really like vegan dishes that contain sea weed (because it smells like fish to them). Fish is his all-time favorite food, so I wouldn't mind learning some vegan "fish" recipes too.

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Memorial Day!

My parents are throwing a little "family gathering" on Memorial Day weekend, and I want to see if I could throw something together that everyone can enjoy. Now, I'll be the only non-meat-eater in attendance, and my dad will probably be cooking things on the grill as the main course, so I'm not too worried about that. I'll just cook a veggie burger up or something, for myself.

I'm interested in making something fairly simple and spring-like for a side dish and a dessert. Any suggestions/recipes? Thanks a lot, guys. :)

sugar substitution help...please...

i would like to make one of my favorite breads without the sugar. my plan is to substitute maple syrup for the brown sugar. how should i change the recipe so it does not end up soggy? here it is:

sweet cinnamon zucchini bread:
3 c. flour.
1 t. salt.
1 t. soda.
1 T. cinnamon.
1/4 t. baking powder.

6 egg whites worth of egg replacer.
1/2 c. canola oil.
1 1/2 c. brown sugar.
2 c. grated zucchini.
2 t. vanilla.

add wet to dry. put in two loaf pans and cook on 325 for 1 hour or until toothpick comes out clean.

this is the best bread and i have decided to cut most of the sugar from my diet. i have never done this substitution in any recipe.
thanks in advance.