May 23rd, 2005

me n' James

Cherry Pie!

My friend has a cherry tree in his yard that are at perfect ripeness right now. I picked a giant bag and decided to make a cherry pie. I used a standard recipe from the instant tapioca box. Many filling recipes for fruit pies are vegan to begin with so this required no altering. I just wanted to share it because it was really easy and came out great. Eat it slightly warm with your favorite vanilla vegan ice cream. Yum!
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i just finished baking the Banana Oatmeal Cookies in How It All Vegan! and something didn't seem right. i just got these big balls when i pulled them out of the oven. there is no oil in the recipe and usually oil is one of the things that flattens cookies out as they cook. mine didn't change shape at all. i checked the typo list on her web site and found nothing.
anyone out there tried these? should i have flattened them by hand before baking? should i add a little oil next time?