May 24th, 2005


uses for fresh coconut?

hey folks. i have fresh coconut meat that i would like to use tonight for dinner.

i was thinking of grilling it... and having it with some sort of thai style fried rice or something..... do you think grilled coconut meat would be tasty?

i tried to make a piña colada the other night, but it was really grainy. (and i even have an awesome blender) i'm assuming i should have cooked it first?

have any of you used fresh coconut meat before? anyone have any ideas/tips?

p.s. i promised eimear_rose the recipe for pineapple fried rice... i'll make sure to post it tonight... or i'll gouge my eyes out.

best sandwich in the entire world

this sandwich has been nominated best sandwich in the entire world as of 23 may 2005

x one cinnamon-raisin or other sweet bagel
x vegan mayonnaise
x organic stoneground mustard
x one leaf romaine lettuce
x handful potato chips
x three-ish slices tofurkey, i used oven roasted.

spread mayonnaise and mustard on both sides of the bagel, add the slice of romaine, the tofurkey, and the potato chips.

and then EAT.
oh yum.

&& side question:
i've been using the alvarado street sprouted cinnamon raisin bagels, which contain honey. i do not purchase items with honey, nor consume them knowingly, but my dad bought these by accident and i wasn't going to throw them out or let them spend years in the freezer.
any good vegan (non-honey) cinnamon raisin bagels out there?

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Warm Vegie salad

I just ate this and it was awesome!

1 bunch kale
2 cups pumpkin
2 small red potatoes
2 carrots
2 small zucchinis
olive oil
2 cloves garlic
balsamic vinegar

chop all veggies to bite size pieces. Boil or steam till just soft. Saute kale with garlic and a little splash of oil.

add all to big salad bowl. add salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar to taste.
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Need ideas for hotel room cooking...

As strange as it sounds, I need ideas for foods I can make/eat in fancy hotel rooms. I travel a lot for work, and go to different countries, and many of them are not veg friendly. So rather than make a big deal of my diet, I usually eat a small salad or something, then grab more calories back in the room. (and I carry food around with me).

Before I go I usually go to Whole Foods and buy granola bars, dried fruit, dried veggies, sunflower and pumkin seeds (yum, curry pumkin seeds), meatless jerkeys. I can't bring anything fresh.

The hotel rooms have the ability to heat water. Some even have fridges and microwaves. But most just have the coffee thing that will produce luke warm water. I could get some things from room service.

Any suggestions on like soups to buy that don't taste so bad with just hot water added?
Any other ideas on stuff I can bring to eat? I thought students might have some creative ideas.

Peach Juice

Last night I made a absolutely perfect rhubarb/peach crumble. (I will post the recipe later for all of you to enjoy. Trust me it is incredible.) I used canned peaches and now I have a ton of sweet sticky peach juice left over. I was wondering if anybody knew of a recipe that called for peach juice or if anyone had any suggestions for what to do with it. I love peaches and the juice is way too tasty to waste.

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freezing soup.

i just made a huge pot of pureed split pea soup and was wondering if it's possible to freeze it, and if so, what's the best way to do it?
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