May 25th, 2005

banana nut bread cookies

today i had some really brown bananas that were going to go to waste and i wanted to make banana bread, but i'm very impatient when it comes to baked goods & banana bread takes a million years to bake. so i made up a recipe for cookies that resemble banana nut bread in taste and texture. they turned out very yummy so i thought i'd share it. if anyone has any guesses on what to add to this recipe that might make the cookies "crustier" on the outside that would be great. i love the crusty tops of muffins but don't know how to reproduce it in a cookie.

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dont know if this related or not...

but i just recreated goldfish crackers

i mixed a lot fo oriental sauces together

soaked some meatless patties in that

and cooked that on my george foreman

and that fried sauce tastes just like goldfish crackers
Rudolph dance

French Moroccan Tomato Lentil

Can anyone help me out? I had this amazing soup at Au Bon Pan. I have used google to try to find a similar recipe, but nothing too close came up. I am going to try to recreate it using the ingredient list, but I thought I would ask is anyone has a recipe for something like it. Here are the ingredients:

Thanks in advance : )
SP Zeph

Dangers of Silicone Bakeware?

Does anyone know if silicone is healthy to cook food in? Does it have any of the same bad characteristics of plastic-- i.e. PVCs and leeching into food? I searched online, but only get hits for silicone poisoning from breast implants and the like.
I want to buy some silicone bakeware if there is no evidence it is harmful.

BEST beans and rice EVER

okay, i don't know if they're the best ever, but they ARE pretty awesome (and they're relatively quick and easy to make)--i wouldn't call them cuban cause i'm not cuban and don't know enough about cuban cooking to claim that but they are somewhat inspired by something i had at a cuban resaurant that paired muduros (made out of sweet ripe plantains but i experimented and found a way to substitute bananas for a similar taste) with beans and rice

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Green Leaves

Vegan Vegetable & Tofu Lo Mein

Vegan Vegetable & Tofu Lo Mein

1 cup bean sprouts
1 cup julienne-cut carrot
1 cup sliced scallions; reserve 2 Tbsp. for garnish
3/4 to 1 cup slightly warmed vegetable broth
4 Tbsp. creamy soy nut butter
2 Tbsp. soy sauce
1 tsp. cornstarch or arrowroot
Dash of pepper
1/2-lb. firm tofu, cubed
3 cups cooked spaghetti, hot

1) Spray 10" non-stick skillet with non-stick cooking spray and heat. Add bean sprouts and carrot. Cook over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until sprouts soften (about 2 minutes). Add scallions (except garnish) and stir to combine. Cook until carrot is tender-crisp (about 1 minute).

2) Using a wire whisk, beat together broth, soy nut butter, soy sauce, cornstarch, and pepper in a small mixing bowl. Stir into vegetable mixture. Add tofu and stir to combine.

3) Reduce heat to medium and cook until mixture thickens (about 5 minutes). Add spaghetti and toss to coat. Sprinkle with remaining scallion for garnish.

Notes: This can get pretty salty, so try to use reduced-salt soy sauce or broth if possible. If you can't, use 3/4 cup broth instead of 1 full cup. Arrowroot should be able to replace the cornstarch easily, though I haven't tried it. Goes nicely with a cup of tea with lemon and honey.

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What are good things to DIP in hummus besides carrots?

Also, does anyone know of anywhere the serves soft serve vegan ice cream? Or is that just a dream of mine...

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