May 26th, 2005


I'm avoiding gluten and there is this thai restaurant I go to that serves "tofu bun." It consists of noodle-like vermicelli but it's white and thinner than typical vermicelli. Could these be rice noodles made from rice flour or do you think it's probably made from wheat? There is a big language barrier there so it is hard to ask them stuff like this. Thanks.
Up against the wall.

Easy taco salad.

There aren't any exact measurements for this, but I'm really just posting it in case any of you need quick food on the go. Really, you can add or subtract anything.
I used:
About a handful of crushed corn chips.
About half a bowl of lettuce.
Tons of black olives (I loooove black olives).
Between a half and 3/4 cup medium salsa (depending on how big of a salad you're making.)
Approximately 1/4 cup tofutti sour supreme.
Some shredded Follow Your Heart nacho cheese!
Options that would top this salad off: Black beans, corn, brown or spanish rice, veggie crumbles, guacamole and/or anything you can think of!

I've found that Follow Your Heart has the best vegan mozzarella in my opinion, so when I saw the nacho cheese I decided to try it, and let me just say it rules hard. Works perfect on nachos and on this salad! I made this in less than five minutes before I rushed into work and it was absolutely delicious. I am not a huge salad fan, but this was awesome.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has any good recipes using any Follow Your Heart cheese?

Peppered Pineapple

At my sister's wedding reception we were served the most delicious vegan alternatives to the set menu, the most surprising element of which was peppered pineapple. The recipe? Simply warm through pineapple slices or chunks and sprinkle with ground black pepper, serving warm. It's a rather wonderful combination, can be presented as a simple but sophisticated dessert, and I highly recommend it.

[EDIT]: Thank you all for making this such an inspirational thread :)

Raw food veggies!

Calling all you raw food vegans out there! I don't think I could cope with a constant raw diet, but I'm interested in all your favourite raw veggie recipes. Raw foods feel a lot fresher and healthier sometimes, and really I don't eat half as much raw stuff as I should.
My dinner tonight wasn't exactly raw food, but involved a lot less cooking than I usually get stuck with. I got it off a friend, so I don't even know what it's called, but it's a great, fresh tasting, sweet little Vietnamese recipe.

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Edit: By the way, does anyone have a successful recipe for vegan sticky-date pudding?

crumb cake / disappointed with sinfully vegan cookbook.

some of you might remember i posted a couple of questions about flax powder vs flax seed, and what not. that was when i was making the "i can't believe they're not sinful brownies" from sinfully vegan. i wasn't really happy with how they turned out but others seemed to like them. anyway so i was very disappointed with the cookbook, yet i decided to try another recipe. so i tried to make "my grandmother's crumb cake". and again, disappointed. i know that some of you have said that the recipes in this book are really great, and i'm going to keep in mind the cheesecakes, lemon cake and the fort knox cake. but otherwise, i think i'm giving up on this cookbook. very disappointing. =| the recipes all sound so good. anyway just wanted to let people know about my experience with the cookbook.

i have some pictures of the crumb cake, which i'll put behind a cut. the cake itself, i thought (and so did a couple of my friends), was pretty good. not amazing, but good. the "crumbs" on top were made of unbleached flour, sugar and vegan shortening. they did not become nice crispy crumb things like i expected. it was powdery, and it still is. so i put it under the broiler for a few minutes to see if that would help it crisp up but i didn't. (maybe if i had put more shortening it would've been fine? i don't know.)

ANYWAY... i'd like to continue experimenting with vegan desserts (i'm vegetarian). so hopefully i find some yummy things. :) i'm sure that some recipes in sinfully vegan are fine, and with some modification they could possibly all be fine. but i don't want to have to make everything twice in order to find out what it's supposed to taste like. i like when i can actually trust recipes!

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mango lassie

how would you make a really good mango lassie? i made one tonight using one mango, one cup of vanilla soy yogurt, some ice cubes, and a little sugar. the thought of it was much more exciting than the actual lassie, which tasted too much like the weird aspect of soy yogurt. i used whole soy yogurt, which is pretty much the only kind i've ever tried, though there seem to be a lot more brand varieties of it than there used to. i haven't tried any of these and am curious if anyone has any favorites.

any suggestions?