May 28th, 2005

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My boyfriend's brother, who is from Germany, arrived two days ago for a visit. That means that my order for as many of these as he could carry has also arrived.

I now have SIX boxes of soy whipping cream to try out. I know that sounds like a lot, but if they are good, I don't want to waste them - so I'm looking for everyone's favorite uses for whipped cream!

I'll let you all know how it turns out once I try it.

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Wheat-free crust?

Does anybody have a wheat-free flaky pie crust/pastry recipe that doesn't call for any nuts? It doesn't have to be gluten-free. I need something I can roll out, not just a pan liner. The only recipe that looks promising calls for 4 different kinds of flours and xanthan gum. Please help!
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The Best Falafel EVER, a Pita Question and a fruit recepie...

1. Okay I'm going to start by saying that I've found an amazing Falafel recepie that always turns out great (or maybe I'm just a good cook, but I'll share anyways) Collapse )

2. The falafel recepie brings me to my question, all of the pita I buy here in the states is not thick enough to support a falafel sanwich, I've made your basic pita before (flour, water and salt n the grill) but I want to experiment with pockets... I'm thinking it'll be yeasted but other than that I've got no idea, have any of you ever successfully made pocketed pita, how did it turn out? Was it thick enough for Falafel?

3. Now completley changing the subject, after reading the thread in here about pinapple and pepper I saw this amazing recepie in the Washington post food section that I'm going to try out, but I also thought I'd shar it with you. Collapse )
Okay I am done with the longest entry ever!


I would like to learn how to make Sorbet rather than spend the excessive amount of money on it.
Anyone have any tried nd true recipes, even method would be cool cause I can easily come up with my own flavour combinations.
Any help in appreciated.


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So, I posted about a week ago w/a recipe from Martha Stewart. (Soba noodles, peppered tofu, etc.) I never made it, sadly. I did, however, make a vegan birthday cake from a recipe I found online. While the cake was OK in taste, it lacked fluffiness and had more of a bread taste. I was severely disappointed.

So, I have a few more questions!

01. What do you use to make your cake taste more sweet? How do you get it fluffy, light & moist? I want the next cake I bake to resemble a real cake instead of a load of bread!

02. Do any of you have a good vegan creme bruelee recipe?

Here are two photos of the cake I made. It was my first attempt at cake decorating, as well. I got a bit cocky trying to do the Bat Signal. God, help me.

A: Image hosted by

B: Image hosted by
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The best condiment known to humankind

I just found out that Karam's Garlic Sauce is available throughout the US by mail order. I'd avoided giving a shout-out to it because I didn't want to be cruel to people who weren't within driving distance of Seattle.

But people. Buy this sauce. It lasts forever, it goes on everything, and it's good for you!

It's a creamy (but totally vegan), tangy, very garlicky sauce that is great on salads, sandwiches, Mexican food (you won't miss sour cream with this on there), and all kinds of other stuff. I haven't tried it on falafel or fake gyros, but it would be just the thing for those, too. I just whipped up a quick spinach dip using blended tofu, this sauce, a little extra lemon and salt, and frozen spinach. So yummy!

And if you're among the blessed few who already know the wonder that is Karam's, I'd love to know what you do with it.