June 1st, 2005

agave nectar/syrup.

there's a recipe i want to make (power spheres in the rebar modern food cookbook) that calls for "fruit sweetener". i had no clue what this was (and didn't know about this community then! ;D) so i picked up agave nectar. is that what the recipe was looking for? i was looking in the memories and i get the impression you might be able to use barley malt or rice syrup in this instance as well? is that true?

thank you thank you. :)

edit: im posting the recipe. might be of more help to see what i'm dealing with. :) some people have suggested a granulated fruit sweetener, but it seems like i need something liquidy? like agave nectar. i'm not sure though.
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Yay cake!

So it was my husband's birthday yesterday, and as has been our tradition since our first year together, I made him the "you only live once, so do it" chocolate cheesecake from The Vegetarian Epicure, Book Two.

In years past, he's only eaten half the cake before it gets soggy, and I've been wanting to try making vegan cheesecake since I discovered that Krogers carries Toffuti cream uncheese. So, I made the cheesecake half vegan, for me, and half unvegan, for him (we have an agreement that I will only cook unvegan on his birthday, so it's a once-a-year deal).

My side of the cake turned out really well, so I thought I'd share the recipe I used. It's mighty tasty and has a good consistency.

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Angelica Kitchen's Cornbread

My favorite NYC blog Gothamist posted a review and recipe for cornbread and miso-tahini spread from the Angelica Home Kitchen cookbook:

Angelica Kitchen's Cornbread and Miso-Tahini Spread

"This is an extremely dense bread, and while a bit delicate and crumbly, it's also a sturdy and filling accompaniment to a light springtime meal. And a leftover slice or two will heat up very well in your toaster the next morning for breakfast."

Lentil dip?

I kind of feel like eating homous, but all I have, bean-wise, are canned lentils. Can I make lentil dip? Is it tasty, or would that just be a bad idea? Could I just make it like I make homous (lemon, pepper, coriander, Bragg's, garlic)?
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brown rice help!

I've been making my brown rice in my rice cooker. However, it's generally comes out "crunchy"... undercooked and not so good. However, I just snacked on some brown rice from a local asian place and it's perfect, soft and yummy. Just a little soy sauce and it's so good! Is there a way to get this from a rice cooker? More water perhaps? Or should I just cook it in a pan?


Hey everyone. I'm having some friends stay for a few days and I'm looking for some good things I could serve up for breakfast ...I'm shying away from plain cereal and soymilk :). What is your favorite breakfast related recipe? Pancakes, muffins, tofu scrambles, anything would be great. Thanks!

Biscuits and Gravy

The local co-op (Bloomingfoods) has a Sunday brunch with vegan biscuits and sausage gravy. I'm seeing a friend on Saturday who's been out of the country, and I'm driving four hours to see. It used to be a Sunday ritual of ours to go there. So I want to make him the gravy (biscuits are easy), but the co-op won't share recipes that they came up with in their kitchen. They post the ingredients (but not the amounts) and as well as I can remember its:
nut yeast
liquid smoke
gimme lean
S & P
and I'm assuming a veg stock, but I can't remember.

Any ideas? This stuff mimics a classic salt & pepper sausage gravy really well.