June 3rd, 2005

Foods for mailing

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew any meal-type foods that are mail-friendly. I want to mail a friend some foods, but not just snacks and stuff. I already know I'm going to make him cookies, but I'm having trouble coming up with other stuff that won't go bad in the mail.
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Some sort of blueberry cake/frosting, etc.

Can anyone help? On monday, my friend, Gordon, is coming over to celebrate his 75th birthday. I really want to make it special for him, because he is one of the most special people I have ever met. (ie He works, everyday, on a houseboat that cats and kittens live on until people adopt them. He understands veganism and thinks it is a good idea--how many grandparent aged people do you know that even know what a vegan is? He loves vampires. He is an artist and only paints/sculpts/draws cats and women in aviation--he even made a painting of Rembrandt's Nightwatch with cats instead of people! Anyway, I could go on and on.)

I think I know what I will be making for the meal, but I am trying to think up the perfect cake. Blueberries are one of his favorite foods, and I want to make him some sort of cake with blueberries involved. Or maybe a chocolate cake with a blueberry center and blueberry icing? How would YOU make a blueberry icing? I think that would be pretty. Or, would it work if I blended up some blueberries and added it to cake batter to make it blue and delicious? Anyone who could offer ideas for a beeeautiful cake involving blueberries, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Asiago Cheese Substitute

Hi all, I just had a quick question.  Does anyone know of a vegan substitute for asiago cheese?  I've seen faux cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and even monterey jack, but not asiago.  A friend of mine has a recipe for dip that sounds incredibly good and I'd like to veganize it but I'm not sure if it's possible to get around the asiago.  Thanks for any ideas!
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easy seitain dish?

i looked at the memories but i'm really confused. i've never cooked with seitain and i think i've only eaten it a few times at restaurants. i bought a package a while ago (the kind packed in soy sauce i think) and i have no clue what to do with it. i need something really simple with limited ingredients. perhaps a stir fry?