June 9th, 2005

oh no!

viking cake

RAR, Viking Cake!

I should've put this up AGES ago...but I forgot. So here's the Viking Cake recipe I made for my flatmate's Leaving Do (he emigrated to Norway, hence the theme)...

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veganizing goat cheese?

i'm considering becoming a vegan and i'm trying to figure out vegan versions for my favorite recipes - i really like this version of saag panir my girlfriend and i figured out with spinach, tomatoes, cumin, peppers, and goat and munster cheese. is there something i could substitute for the goat and munster cheeses that would have a similar taste (especially the goat cheese)? do they make a soy version of goat cheese? thanks :)

new favorite smootie

Smooties are nothing special, but it just made my night.

half of a frozen banana
one of the idividual packages of pete's tofu to go, the soft strawberry kind.
as much chocolate soymilk as you want, depending on the thickness or the amount you want to have.
a handfull of fresh blueberries.

blend it all together until smooth. I don't usually like banana flavored things, but I love this. you can of course add more fruit if you want, I also think pineapple would be tasty! It was very refreshing on a night like tonight.
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