June 13th, 2005

Eat Your Veggies.

I just purchased the Vegan Chef's online book--Eat Your Veggies. Does anyone else have this? What are your favorite recipes from it?

Also, Thanks for all the ideas for Gordon's birthday cake! He absolutely LOVED it! I ended up making him a two layer cake. The bottom was vanilla with a ton of whole blueberries mixed in, then, there was a layer of blueberry jam, a top layer of chocolate cake, and I mashed up some blueberries and juicy blackberries into powdered sugar to make a pretty/yummy blue/purple icing. And, it was topped with fresh blueberries. He's still talking about it, a week later!

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Oh! Also, I had a dinner party for my Dutch class this past Friday night. I made: spicy black bean burgers with spicy almond sour cream, pumpkin seed crusted tofu (that I found on vegantestkitchn), corn muffins, biscuits, avocado salsa, regular salsa, tabbouleh salad with quinoa, a big salad with orange shallot vinaigrette, coconut curry stir fry, spicy stir fry with mock duck, portobello mushroom bake (from the garden of vegan), and some other odds and ends. And for dessert, a strawberry rhubarb pie, and Chocolate Almond midnight (http://www.bakerina.com/prepare_to_meet_your_bake/2005/05/no_eggs_were_ha.html) with cashew cream and raspberry sauce. Everything turned out great and everyone loved everything and took home leftovers (thank god). I wish I had pictures, but it was too dark to take them. Anyway--I really recommend the baja black bean cakes and green chiles and almond cream cream. They're both from the Vegan Chef. (http://veganchef.com/ I can't link straight to them.)

Salad dressing

I want to start eating more leafy green salads but i usually hate most salad dressings. I notice that a lot of people like Annie's brand salad dressings...can you tell me your favorite (or any brand), and why you like it? And what it tastes like?

also i'd be interested if anyone makes their own...
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summery food

well the weather here in Boston seems to have forgotten spring and gone straight from snow to 90degress and humid, sooo, i was wondering what are people's favorite foods for the summer, stuff that'll cool you down, and/or doesn't involve using the oven/stove.

Uses for fresh basil?

The grocery store had a sale on fresh basil the last time I bought some and now, after 2 huge curries and some creamy tomato basil soup, I look like I've barely made a dent in it and it's wilting fast. I could just freeze it for later use but I kind of want to use it fresh.

What do you think?

Am I missing something obvious?
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seitan, grilling and chimichurri marinade

dazee and i broke in the new grill last night.  results were extremely delicious and exciting and we are now plotting what to grill next.  we used all natural wood and a charcoal "chimney" which worked really fast without lighter fluid or other chemicals.

the seitan came out so well!  i used bryanna's amazing seitan recipe/procedure for her chicken version (scroll down to "new tender seitan chicken").  then i mixed up a chimichurri marinade recipe that i found online.  I also tossed some red peppers, onion and pattypan squash in a bit of lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and that came out great too.

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OK, I have to stop buying things whilst knowing nothing to make with them.

I have barley malt and it tastes lovely, but it's not sweet enough, and I want to make some sweet recipes with it, but I do not know any.

Does anyone know any yummy recipes with barley malt?

my third attempt to post this question....

my computer (or server) was having technical difficulties earlier--apparently--cuz i tried posting this question already but it's not here!

trying to veganize a peanut butter ball recipe and it calls for instant (or non-instant) dry milk powder--is there a dry soymilk powder that anyone knows of--or what else could be used in its place...?

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Lemon Teasecake

I made the lemon teasecake from cafe ambrosia/the uncheesecookbook/posted here about two weeks ago.

(recall: one with MILLET)

Following modifications

For the first one, I used lemon juice as it called for, omited the lemon extract, and then substituted the vanilla extract for almond extract. I then decorated the top with leftover almonds from the raw nut crust.
Result? One killer lemon-almond cheesecake.

After the millet was cooked, i added it to a double broiler with two cups of vegan choco chips. I melted and stirred th etwo, then added it to the blender. I used Lime juice instead of lemon, and omited the lemon extract, and used peppermint extract instead of vanilla.
Result? One chocolate-lime-mint cheesecake. It was slightly too minty. I would use one or 1 1/2 tsp. of mint next time, and then use 1 or 1/2 tsp vanilla. Other then the overpowering mint, it was amazing as well.

Everyone enjoyed them both for my bday cel :)