June 14th, 2005


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Thanks for all your salad dressing ideas! I ended up buying Annie's Goddess dressing and Sea Veggie because it looked intriguing. Now i have lots of homeade ones to try too! Thanks for all your ideas and recommendations!

Thanks again!! :D
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Question about cheesecakes

I've been going through the recipe index to find a cheesecake recipe for Father's Day. And I noticed that some require baking and others do not. Mainly, the ones using just tofu don't need to be baked and some of the ones with cream cheese do. Can anyone shed some light on this, cause I'm a little confused. I'd prefer a no-bake recipe [like this one.. http://www.livejournal.com/community/vegancooking/932.html] and I guess I'm just wondering if there are any rules.. like some stuff should be baked, some shouldn't? Help!!
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Best Summer Cookbooks?

It is too hot to cook anything besides pasta salad...and even that is rough these days : )

Every summer, I find myself returning to 150 Vegan Favorites by Jay Solomon. It has the best summer recipes. It isn't meant to be just a summer cookbook, but I barely open it for the rest of the year.

Does anyone else have a favorite summer cookbook?

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Hi ya'll!!
1st off, i love this community! it has been very helpful.

here is my question - what is that site i think it is affiliated or part of PETA...."i cant believe its vegan!"?? or somehting like that....i looked around the community and cannot find it....hook me up please??

thanks alot


nikki rae.
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I bought Nutritional Yeast Powder, instead of flakes. I didn't really notice the difference until I came home and looked in my Uncheese Cookbook (received in the mail about two days ago!!)
Does it make a difference?
I am trying to make Tangy Chedda Sauce.
(the option of exchanging the two is void. The store is an hour away and I go to work at 3 today.)

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!

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Asparagus and Portobello Mushroom Risotto

There's a local market that has just about everything one can imagine. They also charge up certain crevices. Since they have things I've not seen elsewhere, I was ecstatic to actually find vegan parmesan. I picked up a tub ($6 CDN), and booked it to my kitchen.

I ended up making risotto. I meant to post pictures, but, well, I made short work of the finished product. It turned out yummy, with the taste I expected, if not the consistency (the parmesan didn't melt well).

That's my contribution for the day. My lunch is overly spicy, so I need to run and get water.
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Vegan Pizza

I bought an Amy's cheeseless pizza and it was soo good. I just could not afford to keep buying them so I created my own version. I have no idea what they use as a sauce but I used onions and it is great.

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Salad Help!!!

I'm a college student, and I'm lucky enough to go to a school that has a regular vegetarian line. I've become friends with the chef who runs it, and he often makes vegan versions of things for me (minus the cheese, etc.). On days when he isn't there, though, I resort to salads and veggie sandwiches. My salad is typically dark lettuce, baby carrots, broccoli, onions, and the house dressing (which checks out fine). I'm in a salad rut, and I want out! I have only basic salad bar ingredients to work with. Any great combinations I might have overlooked? I want to try some veggie mixes without a lettuce base, but I'm not sure where to start combining things. Ideas welcome!
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I just got some stuff at the Vietnamese market that's labeled "Banh Chung Dhac Biet" (of course with lots of accent marks that I can't reproduce). The only English is "Rice and Bean" (so I'm assuming those are the only ingredients?). It appears to be wrapped in a banana leaf. What is this stuff? What can I do with it? How should I store it? (It wasn't refrigerated at the store, but I threw it in just to be safe.)

Thanks for any assistance!
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Replacing just egg *yolks* in a recipe

I looked through the memories, but I didn't see anything specifically about yolks. I'm hoping somebody has had experience veganizing a recipe that calls for just egg yolks, rather than whole eggs. I'd like to veganize the recipe for kiffles, which are a sort of cookie of Eastern European extraction. You can see pictures here: (Kiffle Kitchen), though the ones my grandmother makes are much smaller and more enclosed. Collapse )
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skim milk substitute?

I've recently discovered the wonders of a bread machine. I really want to make sourdough bread but I need to make the starter and the recipe calls for skim milk and yogurt, which I obviously can't use. Can I use soy alternatives? Do you have any other suggestions for a sour dough starter?

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I want to make waffles(maybe pancakes!) tomorrow morning but I hate waking up early!
If I make the batter tonight and put it in the fridge, would it sit alright?
( I am in such a cooking mood lately. It's ridiculous!!)

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Can anyone tell me which is the most realistic vegan "mayonnaise"? My omni girlfriend and I are going to a barbecue this weekend and wants to make potato salad I'll eat--as well as everyone else there, and I'm the only vegan. Not recipes, please--but something I can buy in a jar. I live in the US, if that matters in terms of brand names.

spaghettini all'arrabiata.

so there are things about this recipe that are not vegan, since i'm vegetarian. but the recipe IS basically vegan. the only things that aren't are the pasta, which you can use dried spaghettini the recipe says, for a vegan dish. and the other unvegan thing is the parmesan cheese, but there's a vegan parmesan cheese! :)

anyway. :) i made this a couple of weeks ago.
more pictures in my food journal here.
the recipe might seem a bit daunting, i'm not sure. it does take some effort but it's worth it. :)

(this recipe is from the rebar modern food cookbook -- mostly a vegetarian/vegan cookbook but with a few meat recipes.)
rebar is actually a local restaurant in victoria. their site here.
love their cookbook.

with whole wheat pasta, fresh basil and garlic breadcrumbs.

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pook and bert

Oh Rosemary!

I have a ton of rosemary from my mom's garden. I didn't cook with it for years and now it's my favorite flavor to add to just about any dish (especially ones involving red miso, mmmmmmm).

I'm looking for all types of dishes featuring this deeeelicious shrubby mint. My kitchen has a fair amount of grains (cous cous, wheat berries, wild rice, quinoa), red lentils, baking supplies, tempeh, tofu, etc. Tomorrow I'll probably go shopping for fresh and frozen fruits and veggies...or whatever your recipes call for! :)
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