June 18th, 2005

power spheres from rebar modern food cookbook.

so i finally got around to making these! thanks to the people that replied to my questions about fruit sweetener/agave nectar! :)

they turned out a bit sweeter than i thought they would. but were fun to make. and damn i really love the rebar cookbook!

edit: i've added the recipe behind the cut. sorry people. :) if you go check out my food journal you can see pictures of what's gone into them, like pumpkin seeds.

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more pictures in my food journal here!

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wow i've never written cross posted before. i've never cross posted! crazy.

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Hello. I am looking for a recipe for chocolate cookies with nuts. I has some awesome vegan chocolate/nut cookies from Whole Foods' bakery last weekend, and they were wonderful - big, soft, chewy, and chocolately! I would like to make my own. Do you think adding nuts to the chocolate cookie recipe from Garden of Vegan would work ( 'Kathleen's Chocolate Cookies' ), or does anyone have a recipe to suggest? I'd be adding walnuts, since that's all I have in the house. Thanks!


official shac-7 doughnut recipe

From SHAC-7 member Josh Harper:
So, as many of you know, I make a mean vegan doughnut. As a service
to the SHAC 7 I am making my nearly-top-secret recipe available. All
that I ask is this; if you make the doughnuts and enjoy them PLEASE
take a moment to do something for the SHAC 7- carry the flyer at your
table, have a bake sale with the doughnuts and send us the proceeds,
write us a note to let us know you are thinking of us, anything at
all. Feel free to share the recipe with your friends and get them to
do something for us too.

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I hope you enjoy the doughnuts!
Josh Harper