June 20th, 2005


Buckwheat Groats....?

My husband brought home a bag of bulk buckwheat groats from our co-op the other day, but I'm unsure exactly how to prepare them. I have heard they're very nutritious. I'd happy to just cook it up like brown rice (and serve with a sauce/gravy, etc) -- but these appear to be 'untoasted'. Do I need to then toast it myself first? And what might be the water-to-grain ratio for cooking? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


hey folks.

i'm setting up tags.

that way, this community can be self sufficient if all the moderators fall off the face of the earth. and wouldn't that be wonderful?

i'm making a tag for each of the memory categories. if you can spare some of your time, and take a look at our memories. and if you can, suggest more categories that i may have completely missed.

since only 100 entries are allowed to be viewed in each category, i will need subcategories for the following:
indian food, mexican, middle eastern, tofu (it took us only 5 years to get 101 entries in the tofu category? i am amazed.)

once the tags are up and running, you can file whatever you want in it's respective categories. but please be sparing. if there is a suitable subcategory, please don't file it under the general/uncategorized category, because of that 100 entry limit.

*exhales and gives fingers a rest*

those of you happening upon this entry years later, don't mind the huge list of tags attached to this post. unused tags need to be attached to an entry for you guys to be able to select it to add to another entry. slowly they'll disappear from this entry as they're added to appropriate entries.

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Okay, so, Today my Dad bought my a very nice Brand-New Food Processor!
For dinner I made Curry Hummus with it, and tt was great!

So, I'm really excited about using my new applience on different things, so if anyone has any recipes that include one, I'd be a really happy girl. ^.^

Thank you!
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