June 27th, 2005

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I should be studying, but.... ;-) [x-posted from my journal]

I made dinner and a batch of scones tonight. Dinner was yummy, though a bit salty (I may try a different type of curry paste next time, or else use less soy sauce). The experimental scones (I sort of improvised/cobbled the recipe together on my own from various sources) were phenomenal! I definitely recommend them! =)

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Oh, dear. Some of the darker cherries look a little roach-like in this photo...but really, they are cherries...and they do look like cherries in person...I promise! *laugh*
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Easy Potato Skins


This is my first post to the group. Been following for a week now. I didn't think I'd have anything to contribute, but what I had for dinner tonight was really good... gotta share it.

one baked potato
vegan chili (Amy's spicy vegan chili, in a can, works fine)

Begin by baking potato to your satisfaction. When it's done, split open and empty contents of can of chili over potato (half a can works well if it's one potato). Garnish with hot sauce and jalapenos (both optional).

Eat it, except for the skin. The skin should be covered in chili sauce. Add any garnishes to skin at this point.

Set oven to Broil. Place potato skin in oven until browned to a crisp.

Remove from oven. IT WILL BE HOT!

Eat, and enjoy!

scrambled tofu.

so i've never made scrambled tofu before, but i'm very intrigued by it. i've looked at a bunch of recipes and in the memories section... but i have some tofu, random veggies and spices and just want to use what i have. so i was wondering if there are some general rules that should be followed for scrambled tofu? any particular spices that people think are especially important? or can i just go wild with spices and veggies and whatever i want? is turmeric only added for the yellow colour? not really essential for taste?

also, one recipe tells me to cook the tofu for 15 minutes.. another for only a few. should i cook the veggies first then add the tofu? thoughts?

thanks. :)

vegan omelet

I had some leftovers and I fried them up-- the concoction was like an omelet, actually, and it might be a nice solution for vegans who miss omelets.

This is for one (smallish) serving

1/4 c. marinated tofu, crumbled
1/4 c. cooked quinoa, "solidified" in the fridge-- I think the dense texture of the chilled quinoa helped make this work
dash of tamari or Braggs
dash of nutritional yeast
1/2 c. sprouts, or any (cooked or diced raw) veggies of your choice.

Press the quinoa and tofu together. Heat the oiled pan. Put the tofu-quinoa mixture in. Once it's heated and begins to brown just slightly, add the Braggs and the nutritional yeast, and mix so they are distributed. Press the tofu-quinoa "egg" flat into the pan so that it browns and forms an "omelet" shape. If you are fancy, loosen it with a spatula and flip it. I am not fancy and omitted this step. I added the sprouts and put a lid on the pan for a moment, to briefly steam them.

It was super delish, and since it tasted like eggs, I ate it with brown sauce. Yum.

I could see adding egg replacer, etc. I've never mastered the use of egg replacer, but it might make for a bigger, more solid "omelet" that could actually be folded over.

x-posted to vegancooking and my own journal.

Circular Cakes

I was wondering, How on EARTH do you get the cake out of those circular pans? The only time I have have much luck without compeltely MUTILATING the cake was when I used about a gallon of oil on the bottom of the pan with this long and bendy spatula thing. Tips?
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moldy cheeeese..

so..does anyone know if cutting the mold off vegan cheese is "safe" like it is supposed to be for other cheeses? i was never one to do that when i ate dairy cheese because i just thought it was kind of gross..but vegan cheese is kind of pricey.. and no matter how i store it/try to preserve it, it always gets moldy so soon and i hate it going to waste.

does this happen to anyone else? there is only one store in my area that carries the kind of cheese i like, and i know it's been moldy at the store, and i've told some of the workers on numerous occasions. i dont know if they just carry old cheese? help!
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kombucha and spontaneous cider

i'm not sure if any of you folks out there have tried it but i'm curently making a fermented(not alchoholic though) drink called kombucha. if your not familiar kombucha is a live-culture drink made from sweetened tea. you ferment the sweetened tea with a white blob of bacteria and yeast called the mother or yeast beast. it has a tangy slightly sour flavor and is touted for it's beneficial bacteria and health benefits and it's easy to make. it's pretty expensive in the stores but ultra easy and cheap to make at home.

i was going to ferment my kombucha in a sun tea jar like a friend did but naturally mine broke as soon as i was done sanitizing it. so i'm using a big measuring bowl instead i'm using 2 heaping tablespoons white tea, 7 cups of water, 1/2 a cup of sugar and the kombucha and a kombucha yeast beast a friend gave to me.

i'm also making a gallon of hard cider. i'm going to try and do a wild ferment. i just opened the 1 gallon apple juice jug and put cheese cloth over it with a rubber band. i'm just waiting for the wild yeast to come to it. then i'm going to stick it in the brew fridge set 70 degrees along with the kombucha.

for anyone interested in making kombucha, cider, beer and wine or other fermented/ live-culture foods such as miso, tempeh, sourdough bread, pickles, kruats and kimchi, yogurt and much much more i highly recommend the unique and comprehensive book Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz. it's also full of vegan options for non-dairy yogurt, kefir, etc. ferments as well. it's the book i'm currently using for kombucha instructions and has many other interesting ferments i can hardly wait to try. i've never found any other book like it.
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Five-minute, five-ingredient chili

Five-Minute, Five-Ingredient Chili
(serves about four?)

2 cans beans
1 28-oz can diced tomatoes
1 canned chipotle pepper en adobo, diced
2 ears grilled corn, kernels sliced off (raw or frozen would work, too)
a tablespoon or so ground cumin

Toss into a pot and cook until heated through. Dinner in five minutes! Tasty with some whole wheat tortillas and roasted asparagus. I used kind of a big chipotle pepper, so this was pretty spicy.
pook and bert

Corn Bread Pot Pie!

I've posted a similar recipe before, but the dish I made tonight came out so good I feel compelled to post it. Yes, I have a ton of dried rosemary (from my mom's garden) and basil so that's in just about everything I cook these days.

The pie. Oh goodness, it was fantastic. First, I roasted zucchini, crookneck squash, carrots, green beans and golden beets in soy sauce, rosemary, basil and a splash of balsamic vinegar on 425 for about 25 minutes. While that was cooking I whipped up a corn bread batter to go on top and a sauce to mix with the vegetables. For the sauce I melted two heaping tablespoons of soy butter, about a tablespoon of white flour, a few tablespoons of rice milk (added gradually), a few dashes of black pepper and basil, mixed on a low temp until it became fairly thick. Once the vegetables were tender enough, I put them in the pie shell with the sauce and then evenly spread the corn bread batter on top with a sprinkle of paprika. I cooked the pie on 400 for about 20 minutes. I think because the batter mixed with the sauce it stayed a little doughy in the middle, yet still tasted really good and didn't have a displeasing texture at all. It's possible that if I cooked the pie on a slightly lower temp for a longer time, the entire batter would have baked all the way through. I mostly don't think that's necessary.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Pie.
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