June 29th, 2005



Maybe I just need sleep, but I couldn't find much in the memories for cornmeal, but if there is something I have looked over feel free to point me there...

Basically, I'm looking for something to do with the cornmeal I bought today. I seem to have forgotten what I was going to originally do with it. Possibly some sort of corn muffin? I don't know.

Seattle veg*an people

For any of you in the Seattle/Puget Sound area that may not know - there is a vegan shop open in Seattle's U-District, at University Way (the Ave) and 55th Street called Sidecar. It's AWESOME. They have all sorts of veg*an supplies, from staples to clothing to mixes to unmeats to the ever-elusive Follow Your Heart vegan cheeses. If you haven't been up that way yet, it's very worth a look.
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Does anyone know anything about 'Pauls Original Harvest Burger'?- I tried google but no luck- its a veg burger I get in NY healthfood stores that I think is vegan- Id like to try to make it myself- but dont know where to begin- the ingredients are listed but no nutritional info- or other info-
ideas? recipes? suggestions?

thanks in advance-

I used to eat this stuff out of the can...

I have a recipe for a cake (which shall currently go nameless, as I'm typing form work). It involves a devil's food cake, with holes made by a wooden spoon. Over the top of the cake is poured sweetened condensed milk and caramel (I still need to find a vegan recipe or source for this). The frosting is whipped cream (I remember somebody posting about finding a vegan source for this. I just need to get some).

Anyhow, I'm really excited about the milk recipe. I was starting to think that I'd never have one of my favourite desserts every again.

Right: so, I just need to find vegan caramel, and I'm set.
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Veggie Broth?

Any tips for what i should do with vegetable broth?

i mistakenly bought this veggie broth brand, i didnt know how it would taste( when i was not a vegetarian or a vegan i would heat up chicken broth and stir egg whites into it boiling.... that was good ) and i tasted it plain ( heated ) and it tastes awful

i have a carton of this stuff sitting in the fridge.

A success!

i made my vegan cheesecake( first vegan baked good in my life )
and served it with sugar/tofutti "better than sour cream" mix on top

gave it to my relatives
they devoured it!
i'm going to post pictures soon

Something that won't clash with Chicken Teriyaki?

My sister is giving a dinner party on the weekend and told me she would be serving Chicken Teriyaki. She asked if I had a recipe for a vegan dish that she could make as well, but I told her I'd bring something and not to worry. But I need some recommendations!

I want something that won't clash with the teriyaki (since I want to make enough for everyone), and whatever dish I make will have to be prepared at least an hour before it will be served. But a lot of Asian dishes are best served straight out of the pan. My sister will probably serve a salad as well, and I'm guessing there will be rice.

Do you have any ideas/recipes for a dish I could make? I did look in the FAQ, but I'm after specific recommendations for this situation. :-)

Dairy Allergies

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Hello everyone. My name is Trish and I live in South Mississippi. I have a two month old son named Deegan who is exclusively breastfed. He has serious dairy allergies. However, I have never really watched what I ate. Now I have to avoid all dairy in my diet to insure the health of my child. Giving him formula is not an option being that the only formula he can take is hypoallergenic and cost $22.50 a can something we can not afford. I was suprised at how many things that say "non-dairy" have dairy proteins in them. I guess I am looking for a little support and possibly a friend or a couple to help share some of their recipies with me. My child is the most important thing in my life and I would do anything for his health. Also I can not have anything with casien* or whey from milk.

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The memories aren't working for some reason. Does anyone know the recipe for the vegan ginger cookies they serve at Peet's Coffee? (This is a San Francisco-only thing, probably)
There are two reasons why these cookies are wondrous: they are spicy and chewy. Chewy! Chewy cookies, yum!
Sorry, they're that good.

Salt Vs Sugar

I don't remember ever reading about this anywhere SO--
Salt and sugar seem pretty similar to me, so why is it that sugar is refined while salt... isn't?
It just seems like they'd go through the same process since they look the same and that that would create a problem for vegans.
There's probably something really "UH DUH" about that question, but it's been bugging me for a while.

Also, today is my one month anniversary of being vegan!
Tomorrow I'm making myself a cherry pie and not sharing with anyone:)