July 4th, 2005

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Hard Rock Cafe's Watermelon BBQ sauce

This is the best BBQ sauce recipe I have ever used! It's more like a glaze-y type sauce and is absolutely amazing.It sort of carmelizes (which is YUMMY, but sticky on the grill as my husband found out...) I made tofu skewers with this recipe the other day for a BBQ we had and they recieved RAVE reviews, even from the carnivores. This is a copycat recipe of Hard Rock Cafe's Watermelon Babyback Ribs from the Top Secret Restaurant Recipe book by Todd Wilbur. Enjoy! Lemme know if you try this and love it as much as me!

Watermelon rind from 1/2 sm watermelon
1c dark corn syrup
1/2c water
1/4c ketchup
1/4c distilled vinegar
3/4tsp crushed red pepper flakes
1/2 tsp liquid smoke
1/4tsp black pepper

1. For the pureed watermelon rind, cut off the green skin and about 1/2inch of the hard white part, keeping the part that is lighter red to white. This is the tender part of the rind. Stay away from the hard white bit just under the skin.

2.Put the rind in a food processor and puree for only about 10 seconds. Strain the liquid from the pulp and use 1 cup of the pulp, measured after straining.

3.Combine the pulp with the remaining ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat. Bring to the boil then reduced heat and simmer for about an hour of until desired thickness. (I took the lid off for a bout 20 minutes at the end to thicken it up)

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I would like to make these brownies, but alas....I am out of vanilla extract. I do have almond extract though, do you think I could get away with that?

I've only had almond extract in cookies before, and the only other time I've substituted it for vanilla, was in hot cocoa...and it tasted horrible.

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okay this might be a stupid question, and i would look in the memories if i had any idea where to look (i searched breifly but i do not know where to begin to look so i thought i would just ask). what is polenta? and what is it used for? it was in a recipe in vegan_cookoff and i realized that i had no idea what it was. thank you!
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I bought a pre-made package of seitan yesterday, and it says it is "Traditionaly Seasoned"
I was wondering how I could cook this, and what to flavor it with, if I need to. On the back it says to simmer in water, but do I need to do that/what happens after?

I would also like to say sorry about not putting my last post under a cut. I didn't get home in time to change it.

chocolate chip cookies.

This isn't a recipe, but I just wanted to comment on these cookies..

I made chocolate chip cookies for the 4th of July cookout my friends were having today.. using this recipe, and they came out wonderfully. My friends tend to be very critical and skeptical of vegan/vegetarian food, and I didn't tell them that these were vegan until they commented on how awesome they were.

I think the cinnamon gives them a nice touch, and I cooked them just long enough so they were soft and chewy, I highly suggest this recipe to anyone who hasn't tried it!

That's all. :)

zucchini/onion sandwich with hummus

so i was craving something healthy and filling today for dinner after having had eaten my life away vanilla cuties, bananas, and peanut butter. i made this sandwich type thing (i'm not really sure what i would call it) with just zucchini, onions, and hummus on wheat flatbread and it was surprisingly good.

i got a little more than half of a small zucchini and cut it up so that it was in little strips-- similar to the zucchini you would put in salads. i then got some onions and cut it so that it was in strips, also like the kind you would put in salads. after that i put a thin layer on hummus on the flatbread, piled on the veggies, and folded it.
i can't really taste zucchini when i eat it which may account for the reason i love it so much. it's like i know i'm eating healthy but i don't really know it cause i cant even taste it.
anyways, this meal was extremely simple and filling and it didn't taste that bad either. if you're looking for something quick and easy to make that is actually good for you i suggest you give this a try :)